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Benefits Swedish Bitters To Your Health

Swedish bitters are a mixture of herbs that form a bitter powerful product. It is believed to be have been discovered in 16th century. Dr. Paracelsus, a Swiss physician, and botanist, was the first individual to put together the combination that was later brought forward in the later years. Other people like Dr. Claus Samset and Maria Treben have been in the forefront in advocating for the herb. They have written about it, described how to use it and advocate for benefits Swedish bitters.

Even though they are extremely bitter, the herbs have great health benefits including soothing chicken pox. They are made using myrrh, senna leaves, angelica, flowering ash as well other useful herbs that are beneficial to human health. Even so, you have to consult your doctor before using it in case you are pregnant or are experiencing diarrhea.

The herbs are associated with alleviating digestive disorders. Most of the time, we experience bloating, or excessive fullness have having a meal. It is so discomforting such that we cannot perform our day to day functions. The bitter herbs are a great remedy for such situations. They stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and the stomach acid that help in breaking the food own. Moreover, they stimulate peristalsis that is the contractions that help in pushing food through the digestive system.

Bitters also come in handy whenever you are bitten by insects. Insect bites can be so discomforting and can even swell when no action is taken immediately after the bite. However, you can apply this herb directly on the affected part and rub in gently to experience pain relief.

You can gargle the solution made from herbs to relieve throat infections and minimize hoarseness hat come as s result of such infections. On the other hand, you can add the solution to a cup of herbal tea and take it thirty minutes after or before taking a meal. It will help in relieving the aches and make you more comfortable.

The bitters are also great for soothing toothaches and tongue blisters. Maris Treben recommends using a tablespoon of the mouthwash of this herb diluted in water to alleviate tongue blisters. For toothaches, she suggests that you use the same mouthwash three times a day to relieve pain.

The herbs are great for stimulating the production of insulin in the pancreas. It aids in preventing spiking of sugar blood levels that are responsible for changing the energy levels and moods of people. In addition, the sugar levels stabilization helps in losing down the growth of Candida. The liver, which is important for the body also benefits from the herbs. The herbs stimulate bile production the aid in promoting smooth elimination and metabolism of fats. Furthermore, the liver is prepared for nutrients processing efficiently.

Finally, the herbs are great for boosting the immune system. It reduces stress that allows for the proper working of adrenals. If you have unhealthy adrenals, there is a high chance of the weakening of immune system that makes you susceptible to illnesses. Additionally, they prepare the gut lining that prevents Leaky Gut Syndrome where food in the intestine leaks back to the blood stream.

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