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The Nature Of Fort Myers History

This is one of earliest towns to have their roots based on the American Civil War. Situated at the heart of River Caloosahatchee, a place deemed strategic to by United States military for over two occasions and was first, occupied by the Seminole Indians who found the spot as useful for the survival of descendants. Fort Myers History traces back to the past 2000 years when at the start towards the south shore, ancient ones known as the Calusa had once constructed the earth and shell living hillocks.

A critical check on some of the diagrams drawn by the soldiers would carefully leads one into the answer as to why the chose to move into Ft. Myers. The regions landscape offers pure vicinity from almost all direction and even the first settlers used the available features such as creeks that always piles up to prevent themselves from the throne of the enemy possibly around regions of Everglades. They could also travel both East of Atlantic Ocean as well as Florida Keys.

Immediately after the end of civil war, that made the Indians to pave way to the new regime. The remaining Seminoles could then start to associate and trade with Union soldiers, which in the end resulted, became so fruitful.

Other important dignitaries who controlled the military such as Manual A. Gonzales arrived in the Fort of Myers to check if indeed they could find a place to stay thereafter, started a barter trade that would lead to an exchange of tobacco, beads and gunpowder for otter, bobcat, deer and gator hides. The whole scenario happened peacefully and the trade would suddenly appear lucrative to other potential visitors.

Aftermath of the war people across south Florida flop the area of Myers in search of building equipment in the wee of 1864 to 1875. Around 19th century, hotels could then begin to rise a few examples were Keystone that was situated in base of Park Street. Around 1885 the population estimate became 349. At as this point, wealthiest persons like Thomas A. Edison could start moving in and constructing homes in which they felt was the superb region to stay. People would often feel happy with the emergence of plantation within river bank.

The era of 1884, another history could erupt where Ft. Myers would officially be conjoined to the greater part of Lee County that left the City of Monroe out of picture. The second newspaper too be launched dubbed Tropic News and industries emerged like Citrus Industry that was established on the southern part of Ft. Myers.

Around 20th Century especially in 1904, the town began to receive a serious development in terms of new building that was being put in place. Residential houses, roads, and railways could then ease access to the city of Monroe.

Within a period of 7 years after 1920, this was the time when major drastic change would occur in terms of structures and all manner of growth. Trade was eminent and from 1940, the same things have continued to happen in coherent with other surrounding regions.

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