Constructing A Concrete Outdoor Fireplace

If you are a new home owner and you have a beautiful back yard, a fire place would be a great addition to it. It will make the place look beautiful and pleasing to the eye. If you are interested in building one there are two options available. You can choose to look for a professional who will build it at a fee. You can also opt to do it yourself. Most people choose to do it by themselves. This is because it is fun and they will be proud of it. Before starting the construction there are some things that one has to do before building a concrete outdoor fireplace.

The first thing you are expected to know is that there are laws that will govern what you can set up and where. You need to go the office of the clerk in Charlotte, NC and ask for a list of these laws. Ask if there are any permits you will need for the construction. The laws might be different from one state to the other this is why you should ask first.

Apart from the permits that you get and the insurance, some counties like Charlotte, NC have various restrictions. Some of the restrictions include the fuel that you can use and the type of fire place you can have. It would be wise to check with your building inspector if you have one. This way you will be sure of what you shall be doing and what is required of you after the completion.

Your backyard has a certain design. You want to stick to the design so that your fireplace does not look out of place. If you have a patio you can choose to build the fire place with the same material that the patio is made of. Sticking to the style will make the landscape look unique and lovely as well. This might mean that you change what you wanted from the beginning but it will be worth it in the end.

You might want a fireplace so bad you want to build it anywhere. This might be very dangerous. Where you build is one of the key factors that you should keep in mind at all times. When choosing a spot, there are some things you will have to put in mind. It needs to be as far as possible from your house as possible.

Apart from being away from the house it needs to be far enough from other structures. Some of these structures include barns, garages and especially play houses. Having it close to the play house can be dangerous. The child might fall into the fire and this would be a tragedy. This is why it should be avoided.

Most back yards have trees. If you have a few you need to make sure no tree branches hang over the area as they easily catch fire.

Some people might be thinking of building it on top of a deck. It is a beautiful idea but you have to make sure that the deck is well capable of handling the heat.

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