A Look At Horse Barn Construction Alberta

Owning horses means that you are responsible for their shelter. While building a stable might seem to be a simple thing to do, you may want to speak with a professional. There are some important things to consider that an expert can review with you before you build. For horse barn construction Alberta residents should do some research before they begin.

To begin with, there is the shape and placement of the building to think about. In addition, it is important to consider what materials will be used for construction and impact to the environment. You will also want to take into account the landscape. Because your horses will spend a lot of their time inside the barn it is important to ensure they are comfortable.

There are some very important things to bear in mind as you build the shelter. First, there are two kinds of shelters, exterior and interior. Each has its pros and cons that need thorough consideration before you make your choice. It is important that you select a location for the building prior to the final decision about the kind of structure you want to build.

The area you choose for the barn is often determined by the kind of barn you want to build. As an example, the exterior shelter provide the best ventilation and requires landscape that is slightly slanted for rain drains away from the structure. The roof must also offer optimal shade from the suns rays. Also, if you construct the building downwind it will reduce the number of insects and lessen the smell.

It is equally important that the access pathway is plenty wide and there are no obstacles to cause injuries to the animals. Every pathway needs to be free of anything that horses can run into and be hurt. It is much better to consider these safety steps prior to construction to prevent any animal from being wounded.

It is also recommended that the stable floor be made of materials that are skid proof to prevent the animals from falling. Plank floors are never a good idea since they become very slippery when wet. Concrete is also not recommended since it will retain humidity in cold months and heat in the warmer months.

Doors must be as wide as you can make them. The height of the barn and door ways is determined by the height of your tallest animal. Use a hard wood such as oak or pine for the stall doors and the walls. The hard woods will resist splintering and keep the horses safe from injury due to splintering. When installing door closure systems, choose heavy gauge hardware.

The utility areas should be close by and the section where horses are washed should be out of the way. If you a number of horses the stable should have two rows of stalls and a passageway in the middle. The professional builder will be well versed in the specifics of providing water and drainage pipes, heat, and lighting. Proper construction will provide a comfortable area for horses.

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