Why Western Romance Novels Are The Best

Romantic novels are the highest selling novels in North America which makes up to 40 percent fiction which means if your book is good, it will sell. Romance readers look for new books to read every day so it means the market is ever growing. The highest paid romance writer in the world is Danielle steel with close to $35 million back in 2011 followed by Nicholas Sparks. If you want to write western romance novels, you have to research on history of the west.

There are a lot of flaws people make while writing a romantic novel from the western. You ought to do a lot of research and make sure you use it accurately. There are chances that you might overuse it or omit some important aspects and your novel might turn out to be really bad. If its a historical love novel, make sure you use the correct mode of transportation.

Usually, when writing a romantic novel, you should avoid using the perfect people for your characters and as much as perfect does not exist it will make your characters boring and so will be the story. At their first encounter, the hero and the heroine should seem not to like each other but as the story builds, they fall for each other hence the interest of the reader is peaked.

How can a writer avoid being boring? Making the mistake of boring the reader can be fatal to your story so do not delay in bringing the two characters together so as to make the reader interested. There should be conflicts between the hero and the heroine and how they solve it.

Knowing about this genre for an upcoming writer is a good thing because romance writing is not as easy as it sounds. The relationship between the hero and the heroine has to be developed from no love at all to a sparkling relationship of true, everlasting love. Your main characters have to be strong, likable characters that the reader easily falls in love with.

Familiarizing oneself with the market is important. Read as many recently published books as possible in the field you want to specialize in especially in the series category. You have to select a genre or subgenre you are comfortable in like: historical or contemporary romance, romantic comedy, erotic romance and then look for published books to read.

Can one join a writers club? It is good to join a writers club and nowadays with the improvement of technology, you can join one online or locally, entirely your choice. When you feel overwhelmed, you can discuss the details with them and you will realize it actually helps a lot. Read books about romances to also give you more tips.

Basically, romantic novels are fantasies and the reader want the main characters to come out as heroes, that is, they should be role models to them. People they admire and want to live up to. Hardly do you find a hero to be a villain or having bad characteristics that no one wants to emulate their character, in fact, the result is that the novel becomes boring.

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