Cavachon Puppies Provide Valuable Companionship

The right animal can make a valuable addition to any household, providing love, companionship and so much more. This is especially true with dogs as the various breeds have characteristics and personality traits that tend to compliment those commonly found in humans. Breeders in Kent, OH have quality Cavachon puppies that could be absolutely perfect for many individuals.

When searching for a dog to bring into the home, it is important to select one based on more than just their looks or their cuteness factor. One should take the time to understand the breed as adopting a pup means a commitment that lasts their lifetime. Choosing a canine type that fits the lifestyle of the household and the personalities of the humans within it will make the blending smooth and satisfying.

These designer pups are achieved through the hybridization of the incredibly cuddly Bichon Frise and the majestically regal Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The mix definitely produces irresistible cuteness but it also yields a specific blend of behavioral characteristics and personality traits. While these will be great for many individuals, they may not be so wonderful for others.

When it comes to size, they are classified as small to medium, only reaching a max weight of roughly 16″ and up to 20lbs. They are mainly white with spots that come in either red, black, sable or an interesting mix of all three together. As beautiful as the breed is, they are not purebred which means the AKC will not recognize them as qualifying for show or papers.

Their coats may appear very similar to one donor breed or the other, presenting as either long, silky, gentle waves or as short loose curls. While the Bichon type of fur is fairly maintenance free, the Spaniel style is going to require regular grooming and the occasional professional trim. Either way, these dogs shed very little, if at all, and do not produce any significant dander which makes them a good option for individuals who have allergy issues.

In general, people tend to attribute characteristics such as greatly affectionate, very loving and incredibly gentle to this breed. For the most part the pups are quite cheerful and happy and are known to exhibit an above average intelligence. As a rule, aggression is not part of their make up, however they are protective of their family and will bark at unknown visitors or noises that are unexpected or not normal.

They are quite family oriented and good with children, though admittedly they prefer those who are old enough to be considerate and not so rough. Much like young humans, the dogs crave attention and tend to act out a bit if they feel they are being ignored or are left alone for extended periods of time. Additional pets, a radio or leaving the television on is usually enough to keep them soothed while everyone is away.

Every creature has some sort of health issue and this breed is no different. They may be prone to skin conditions due to sensitivities, heart conditions, hip dysplasia and ear infections if not properly tended. Anyone considering adding one of these pups to their household should make sure they will easily fit into their existing lifestyle.

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