What You Should Know Initially Just Before Getting To Be A Journalist

If you’re looking for ways on how to know if you’re fit for a journalism career then this article would be very helpful for you. If it’s money or fame that you’re aiming to achieve in journalism then you should reconsider.

Being a journalist would be a good career for you if you know of the truths about this career and have learned to accept these truths. These truths would help you compare the job with other career opportunities, will help you convince yourself if this is that path that you really need to take and if you are really dedicated in this kind of career.

Among those common truths about journalism that you need to accept prior to taking it would be the following: Low salary rate for being a journalist Yes money isn’t in this kind of career. Among those things you need to accept if you?re a journalist is that you wouldn?t have much pay compared to other careers such as being a nurse, engineer or manager. Most of the tasks involved in being a journalist will be writing which doesn?t really pay much. Writing a book would probably even pay more than writing articles as a journalist – another option that you’d rather take if you want to earn money. Unfortunately, excellent as well as genius articles are not credited in journalism. Therefore, if you want to make a good amount of money out of a career then this would not be your best choice.

No promotional offers Promotions and even getting credits and incentives for a good job done is not always offered for journalists. Promotions involve climbing up the ladder in your line of work however for journalism you don’t have any more higher levels or positions to climb up to. One doesn’t get promoted very often since the journalism industry requires people with specific set of skills – whether you do great or sloppy with these skills, it would be considered standard. However, there is hope for promotion in the form of being transferred or hired by another company, network, firm or group.

Live a dangerous life Just like what you see in TV or hear on news, the life of a journalist can be dangerous. They need to do so because people what to know about it and it is a way to let people feel of the situation. This can include dangerous situations or environments such as interviewing soldiers while in a camp, getting an update on a widespread virus in certain areas, having to try out an extreme sport that people are hyped about and everything. So, if you freak out a lot or are afraid of heights, spiders, dark places and those sorts then maybe you should try other careers.

Criticism is rampant Most people that will do these criticisms will be fellow journalists, writers, and even your team. Most of these instances of criticisms come about when people won’t agree with what you have to say, write or report. Many journalists often breakdown or even fire up when these criticisms happen and they end up doing unexpected things such as quitting their job, initiating a fight with other people, getting fired, depressed and others. If you can’t control your emotions and can easily give in to criticisms then you might as well quit the dream of being a journalist.

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