Comparative Profiles Of Two Christian Historical Fiction Authors

Among the earliest Christian-themed literary works was the 14th century “Divine Comedy, ” by Dante Alighieri. Then, as now, the genre has been used to expound Christian views, characters and plots. Two of the most popular and productive Christian historical fiction authors are Taylor Caldwell and Wendy Alec.

Taylor Caldwell was born in the northwestern city of Manchester, England, on the seventh of September, 1900. Over the course of her 84 years on earth, she married four times, divorced twice, was widowed once and gave birth to two daughters. Her fourth marriage ended with her death of heart failure in 1985. Some of her most famous biographical novels have concerned the lives of Judas, the disciple who betrayed Christ; Luke, noted physician and author of two books in the New Testament, Luke and Acts; and “Great Lion of God, ” about the apostle Paul.

With, “Great Lion of God, ” her characterizations and descriptions of the scenes are so lifelike, you really have to keep reminding yourself that it is fiction, and not a biography. It’s like she was right there, 2000 years ago. The book appears to be currently out of print and is not available in e-book form, but you can usually find a paper or hardback version for sale on the Internet.

Caldwell was also the author of “The Devil’s Advocate, ” the dystopian story of an America that gradually sacrificed its rights until it was taken over as a Communist state. Among her numerous awards were the Buffalo Evening News Award (1949), the Grand Prix Chatvain (1950) and a gold medal from the League of American Pen Women (1948).

Wendy Alec, co-founder and director of God TV, Wendy Alec grew up in South Africa after her birth in London in the United Kingdom. Alec, like Taylor Caldwell before her, is also divorced. She sadly announced in 2014, after having been married to husband Rory for 20 years, that he was leaving her for another woman. Rory Alec resigned his position at God TV in October of 2014.

She is the best-selling author of Christian fictional novels, among them the “Chronicle of Brothers” series. Again, like Caldwell, Alec has a gift for detailed descriptions of physical environments and the inner workings of her characters’ minds. The first volume of the now seven-book series, “Fall of Lucifer, ” explains his fall from grace and his desperate jealousy of God’s new creation, Man. Alec writes so sensitively that it is sometimes hard not to find sympathy for him.

As she was writing the supernatural thriller, Alec was in constant contact with God through prayer. Not only did He help heal her through her divorce, he carefully guided her in its composition. Also among her output is her autobiography, “Against All Odds, ” in which she describes the development of one of the planet’s most rapidly-growing television networks.

Nearly a century apart, these two supernaturally talented women walked starkly similar paths. They both devoted their lives to touching souls that may never have sought God had they not encountered them through their novels.

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