What Is The Ataana Healing Method And How Will It Help Me?

Many wellness cultures and religions have sprung up over the centuries, each presenting claims of healthier lives for followers. It is interesting to note that each have demonstrated some measure of success for those who practice living within the various systems. One master teacher has made it his life goal to combine together the best of what many paths offer.

Curiosity about spirituality continues to motivate people to learn more. When someone manages to intertwine the belief systems together into something that draws a bit from each, inquiries are inevitable. Most will ask the same question. What is the Ataana Healing Method and how will it help me?

Created by Badilli, a German born of Turkish heritage, the system that bears his name resulted from his lifelong passion for discovering the best practices in healing arts. Working with spiritual seekers, his goal is to unlock energy blocks that are keeping his clients from embracing their full potentials. He attended schools in Cologne and Berlin to study natural wellness modalities. Shamanism and volunteering with master teachers comprised much of his early discoveries about energy use.

With so many paths to choose from, it would seem that this master teacher would have difficulty synthesizing a cohesive whole from the many viewpoints. But, it is his intention to free people through healing energy gifted from God that propels his work, with his unique grasp of the essence of each pathway. He conducts sessions that focus on clearing poor energy and negative thoughts from the mind and body. These are replaced with transforming affirmations and clear, positive life force. Many view him as a spiritual guide who has shown them better ways to live.

Ataana wants to help people. To do this, he offers unique opportunities for receiving good life force. Short sessions of Onement provide better balance. Crystal recommendations are tailored to each individual need, training using crystals is offered, and spiritual tours to gather in historic communal settings used by Indian tribes in America are conducted. Clearing energy blocks to provide for happier, healthier lives is his overall goal.

His new method draws best practices from mysticism, Reiki, Buddhism, crystal power, Easter spirituality, Christ consciousness, God and Higher Power, and more. The benefits he expects to provide include more power with illnesses, changes of focus on problems, new routes for dealing with relationships, and energy freed, to name a few. He believes in his innate abilities to frame optimal energy flow.

Spiritual seekers are using the Ataana method. Testimonies to his intuitive abilities fill his website. Though he makes no medical promises, he does hope that people will be happier and live more fulfilling lives using it.

Doris Wofford is an advocate of the holistic approach to medicine. Understanding that you need to treat not just the illness but the whole person; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. To learn more about Energy Pranic Spiritual Healer she suggests you visit her friend’s to learn more.