Why I Dumped My Central Air Conditioner For A Window System

If you are stressed over racking up high electrical power bills this summer because of your air conditioning unit, read our tips to find out ways to save money while also keeping cool. Since the economic downturn, many families have been trying to find ways to trim their budgets. One of the easiest ways to lower your summer season electricity bills is to identify a cheaper way to remain cool. We recommend that you turn off your central air conditioner and, as an alternative, choose a window air-conditioning system.

We wanted to get a cheaper cooling option, and we found it in a window a/c. We chose to invest in a number of window a/c models and put them strategically around the house. We set up one in the living-room, one in the kids’ bed room, and one in our bed room. We figured that these were the spaces where we required the cooling the most often. We likewise vowed to not turn on the central air conditioner again during the summer.

We were blown away by the savings! While we did have to invest a little bit in the 3 systems, we got a great deal on them and only invested $500. My husband and I devoted half of a Sunday installing the window air conditioners in the windows. We didn’t need to pay for any unpleasant or pricey installation. This was an extremely simple DIY project. Among the best perks of changing to window air conditioners was that we could only cool one specific room at a time. During the day, when we just weren’t in our bedroom we simply didn’t run the air conditioning unit. This really helped us cut our electricity costs tremendously.

The cheapest window air conditioning unit will cost you about $130. A system in this price range will have the ability to cool a small room around 150 ft.. In spite of that cheap price, even the smallest devices come with some excellent functions, including remote control, programmable timer, and two fan speeds.

For our living room, we purchased a slightly bigger window model. This 14,000 BTU a/c unit was able to easily cool 500 ft. in our living room.The window a/c that we selected in the living room likewise had a push-button control, which was really handy when I wanted to adjust the speed from the kitchen area.

If you are trying to find an inexpensive method to keep cool all summer season long, window air conditioning unit is your best bet.

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