Facts About Home Staging Oakland

Home staging is the process in which a home is prepared in readiness for sale through highlighting the furniture arrangement, color choices, and accent placement. An accredited professional conducts an evaluation of the house so as to find out the factors that may affect the interest of the buyer to purchase the home. When considering home staging Oakland residents should know that decoration involves interior design principle and marketing strategies that are most suited for the sale of the house.

The success behind home staging is owed to the fact that a properly staged house is one shown at its best condition. This ensures that each room contains important design elements, highlighted focal points, and proper furniture placement to create much space and ensure smooth traffic patterns. Emotions of buyers are triggered by tasteful color selections on the walls through home decor and properly placed home accents.

The buyers need to see a well maintained home so as to develop interest in the property. The house maintenance should include the budget of the owner limits and their addresses. The homes should be cluttered to the very least and excess materials be removed to enable buyer to see the home furniture. Staged homes offer a unique pleasant atmosphere which shows the best layout of the furniture in the homes.

Home staging have a number of side effects. Higher asking price is the first benefit of home staging. It has been shown statistically that houses that are staged command higher asking prices as compared to non-staged homes since these homes are in top showing conditions.

Faster sale time is another benefit of home staging that has helped much in the sale of these homes. When compared to the non-staged home, these staged homes sells in one-third time than the non-staged homes as already indicated by statistics. Buyers tend to prefer these homes to the counterparts non-staged since they are more attractive and availability of space due to the perfect arrangement of furniture and a well designed decor of the items.

The best thing about home staging is that it is a win-win situation since no one among the owner and the real estate agents end up losing a penny. The owner wins because he get his home sold in time as anticipated by him unlike in the case of non-staged homes where the sale may take much time than expected. On the other hand the real estate agent wins as well as is able to get his listings sold much faster as compared to his mates who are not involved in the home staging.

It is very important to note that home staging can take a stale property that has lasted in the market for a very long period of time and translate it into a hot property once more. This is made possible under the real estate community where these stale properties are transformed into hot properties. The transformation is through the property upgraded as commanded by the home staging principles.

Curb appeal helps in enhancing the external aesthetic of the homes and thus should be taken in consideration. Curb addition may actually make a prospective buyer passing by step out of their cars and admire the home and eventually buy the home. Curb addition organization in the home.

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