Tactics For Saving Money On Cooling Costs This Summer Season

Have you suffered through a warm front with no a/c? If you have, you recognize that it can be a totally miserable experience. Yet who wants to spend all that money on a central air conditioner? The unit itself is costly, but you also have to cover a messy and complex installation. You do have an option, however. For a couple of hundred dollars, you can invest in a window air conditioner that will keep you cool all summer long.

We wanted to find a more affordable cooling solution, and we found it in a window air conditioner. We chose to buy a couple of window air conditioner models and put them strategically throughout our home. We set up one in the living room, one inside the kids’ bed room, and one in our bed room. We figured that these were the spaces where we needed the cooling the most often. We also swore to not switch on the central air conditioner again during the summer.

We were astonished by the savings! While we did need to invest a little bit in the 3 units, we got a great deal on them and just invested $500. My hubby and I devoted one-half of a Saturday setting up the window air conditioners in the windows. We didn’t have to pay for any untidy or expensive installation. This was a very simple DIY project. Among the very best perks of changing to window air conditioners was that we could just cool one specific space at a time. Throughout the day, when we just weren’t in our bedroom we merely didn’t run the air conditioning system. This really helped us cut our electricity expenses significantly.

For the children’ room, we got a small $140 window unit. It did a terrific job keeping their small space cool. It also came with a programmable timer and multiple fan speeds.

A 5000 BTU window ac unit will certainly cost you about $150. This will cool the room that is 150 to 200 ft.. If you require more power, think about investing in the bigger unit like a 12,000 BTU unit. These can cool rooms as much as 450 ft..

Switching off our main system and counting on window air conditioners saved us hundreds of bucks last summer. We plan to rely on her window systems once again when the very first heat wave hits this year.

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