Conservative Candidates Illinois 2014 And Some Of Their Predecessors

On December 3, 1818, Illinois became the 21st state to join the union. The first governor to be elected was Shadrach Bond, a member of what was then called the Independent party. It was the Era of Good Feelings, and Bond ran unopposed. A more recent governor of the state is Bruce Rauner, who assumed office in January 2015. Belonging to the Republican party, Rauner was one of the conservative candidates Illinois 2014. Rauner succeeded Patrick Quinn as governor.

Another Republican governor of Illinois, Patrick Quinn served for six years, from 2009 and 2015. He assumed the office upon the impeachment of his predecessor, Rod Blagojevich, who was removed from office following charges of corruption. Quinn later won election to the office.

Before Bond was elected as governor, he served in Congress, representing what was then known as the Territory of Illinois. During the period immediately following the Napoleonic Wars; America had a sense of national purpose and a thirst for unity. In the wake of the disintegration of the Federalist Party, the bitter bickering between itself and the Democrat-Republican party was able to cool down. It wasn’t an era of good feelings for everybody.

Joe Walsh was a Congressman for the Eighth District between 2011 and 2013. In the middle of his term, the district was redrawn and he failed to hold onto his office when he ran for Congress in the new 14th district. At one time, he regarded himself a moderate Republican. Apparently, the moderate party was too left-wing for him and he now supports the mega-conservative Tea Party. He is also fiercely critical of President Barack Obama. Walsh the politician is not the same individual as Joe Walsh, Eagle guitarist.

Influential Alan Keyes has never held public office, although he has made several attempts. He ran for a Senate seat in 1988, 1992, and 2004. He also attempted to become president in 1996, 2000, and 2008. President Ronald Reagan appointed him to serve as Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs for two years between 1985 and 1987. He took up talk show hosting for a career change.

Stanford University graduate, Richard Uihlein, is an American businessman and generous donor to conservative causes. Dedicated to the premise of keeping his money out of the hot little hands of the government, he supports conservative Republicans and their allies in the tea party. He and his wife run a packaging supply company.

Before Joe Walsh, Melissa Bean was the 8th congressional district representative. Before her, it was Philip Crane. The 8th district is significant because it includes the powerful city of Chicago. Crane ran unsuccessfully against Ronald Reagan for the presidency in 1980. George Washington Crane III, his father, was a doctor and a college professor.

By far the most famous conservative politician was 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln, a member of the Whig Party. The Whig Party was formed to oppose President Andrew Jackson and his Democratic policies. He is best known for leading the country through the Civil War, freeing the slaves, preserving the union, modernizing the economy, and strengthening the federal government. Lincoln’s term as president was cut short by his assassination in 1865 at the hand of John Wilkes Booth, six days after the surrender of General Robert E. Lee.

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