Government Public Records Available Online

When it comes to public records, the United States federal and state regulations decide what records are made available to the public and the corresponding procedure to get them. New York public records range from birth and death records to military and property records. Basically, anything that is recorded by the county, state, city or federal agency can be accessed by the general public. The Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act describes the kind of file and related data that are available to the public. A number of agencies store and manage the records because of the several other agencies involved in recording the events.

Public information at the local level is generally related to public agency records such as local building permits, ballot applications, ordinances and city council meeting minutes. The majority of personal records such as birth and marriage certificates are handled at the county or state level. Apart from city records, churches and cemeteries may have local records you are looking for.

The county clerk’s office is the initial place to go for events that have happened of late. The state gets the records from the counties although the original ones were recorded from the latter. For older documentation of birth, marriage and death records, the state is where you have to go. If it was in New York where the individual was born in, the places you can go to look for his or her birth certificate would be the state’s assessor, county clerk or recorder.

All states have an office that maintains public information. The public health department of the state has a division for this named the Office of Vital Statistics. To get a copy of the public documents like marriage licenses, birth and death certificates, an application form must be filled out. First off, you have to confirm if you are qualified to ask for a record. For instance, if the person’s records have not been on public domain, sufficient proof must be provided to gain access to it.

If you are the person named on the birth certificate, or the person’s legal guardian or representative, then you qualify to request the record. Expect to pay a small amount for the search fee and document copy. Federal records include immigration records, federal court records, military records and other files related to federal issues. Like county and state records search, you will need to contact the specific agency involved.

When it comes to searching public information, knowing who to go can be crucial to finding it quickly. There are few ways to have a free public records search. The online scene has become more useful with its way of letting you meet credible record providers. New York City has a lot of options for people who request for records such as federal and state sites, membership pages and genealogy websites. Being a member of an online commercial records provider’ site and avail of the unlimited searches that they offer is one method most people use. These often come with a number of monthly, yearly or unlimited searches depending on how frequent you are looking for a record.

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