Every Customer Is Aware The Best Phones Of 2014 Provide Great Features

Many people think that they have the finest phone ever. Other people on the other hand think that they can do better. The best phones of 2014 will be described in this article.

The network that this phone can take is almost any existing network. It will be able to work with LTE, HSPA, GSM and many others. This phone was launched around September two thousand and fourteen.

It has a loudspeaker and an earphone jack of three point five millimeter. It also comes with Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and a USB connector. The phone does not have a radio feature but you will be able to download it and stream live with a radio station.

This is something that you should always remember. The next thing that you should look at is if the screen size is the size that you are interested. This phone that has been mentioned in this article has a four point seven inch screen.

This is like a security feature. When you use the apple store, you use apple pay that will include MasterCard, visa and AMEX certified to pay for your items. The backlight of this phone is LED.

It has a build in RAM of one gigabyte. This is probably the fastest phone that you will find. You will also find when reading the specifications for this phone that it has dual core.

This is known as the multi touch feature. The screen is covered with anoleophobic coating that is why the screen is made of glass that is shatter proof. This is one good thing it the phone break you will not see glass lying everywhere.

There is no memory card slot. This basically means that you will not be able to expand the memory to more than what is onboard. It is not as you would need to expand the memory.

On standby when using 3G, the battery can last as long as fifty hours without needing any recharging. This is quite long. You do not have to charge your phone every single day and you do not have to worry that the battery will run low after just one phone call.

This is a lot of memory and you would not really need anything bigger than that. Therefore, it is not really necessary for a memory card. As you can see, this phone has the most amazing features.

The front camera is there if you want to have a video call. This is also, why the front camera is lower. The photos that will be taken with the back camera are usually being printed and then you need a better quality picture. As you can see it really is an amazing phone and you will not regret getting this phone for yourself.

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