Database For New York Free Death Records Search

If you are in need of New York Death Records, you can go over to the Department of Public Health – the office tasked of maintain death documents in the state. The state began keeping documents of deaths that happened within the state since 1880 up to present date. If you are looking for documents that happened before the year 1880, you best head to the registrar’s office at the county where the deceased died.

Death documents are provided to the public because they are recognized as part of the public domain. But despite being part of the public domain, there are certain operating procedures that need to be followed in terms of what type is given to a requestor. Death documents are either certified or uncertified. Certified copies have a stamp of the state seal and are granted only if the requestor is an immediate family or a legal descendant. Uncertified copies can be obtained if the death document is 50 years or more. The aforementioned group of people can also get uncertified copies even if it has not reached 50 years old yet.

You can place your request at the Department of Public Health in Albany. You can either acquire the request form from their office or download it from their official website. For a regular request, there is a fee of $30 per copy of the file and a return period of six to eight weeks. For a rush request, with only two to three weeks return period, the fee is a bit more expensive at $45 per copy.

You need to fill out the form properly and provide the name of the deceased, date of death, place of death, and name of their parents. If you their social security number, it would be helpful to include that too. Make sure that the information you are providing are accurate because it is important for the success or failure of the search process.

Death files can also be obtained by performing an online search. You can find search tools on the Internet that are authorized to keep and supply the files to the public. Such search tools are categorized into two types: fee-based search tools and free search tools. The former has the ability to compile an extensive version of death files. Whenever possible, it also includes the pieces of information that are deemed private. The latter will supply you the basic pieces of information of a death file. It is important that you do not believe right away what these search tools say about themselves because more often than not they will claim that they are legit. Run a history check on them and get as much information as you can about them until you are satisfied that they are legit.

If you choose to conduct a Death Records Free Search, you may also do so. If they are not available on the websites that you find, try seeking them at the state local archives. All you have to provide to begin a search is the full name of the deceased. It would be great if you can supply additional details because it narrows the down the search category and eventually adds to your chances of tracing the correct document.

Whether you DIY or engage paid New York Death Records service, the right information helps. Visit us at Death Records Free Search for insights and tips on how to search for Death Records online.