Ten Highest Ranked Bartering Websites

Babysitterexchange- it operates like a neighborhood cooperative where you provide baby sitting services today while your neighbor walks or sits your pet tomorrow. The communal bond and the convenience of exchange have made this site to rank top among the other bartering websites. It allows individuals to share skills and time in a brotherly way.

BizXchange- designed for trading goods and services. It attracts businesses that are not in competition. By cooperating in such areas as sales and marketing, they spend less and gain more by sharing clientele, market information and strategies.

Craiglist- the three ring circus, as it is described, operates like a wild newspaper classified segment. There are thousands of items for sale or trade. As a shopper, you are treated to a carnival shopping mood full of side shows. Regardless of whether you find anything to buy, the online window shopping experience is magical.

Freecycle- this is an opportunity to exchange anything without feeling the loss. The culture created allows you to release items that are of sentimental value and get something in return. It is more than selling and buying. You feel as though you have found a home for your beloved coach, radio, etc.

Gametz- this is a game trading zone with any video game and accessory on earth. The platform goes beyond listing the games in your possession to trading them. The process involves browsing through the libraries of members and setting up a trade. The trade may include other items which you will ship to each other.

Goozex- this is a site for computer accessories and video games. Your selection is listed and assigned a number of points. The points are moved around for people to select. Your tally determines the number of items you can trade. Whenever you trade, your total increases.

Paperbackswap- book buyers have an excellent platform to dispose the books they have read and get new ones at no fee. Each book earns you a point. Sending a book to another person earns you more points. It is a very attractive deal that offers convenience, reduces cost and saves time. There is a very wide range of books on offer.

SwapaCD- a CD that is sent out earns you a credit while requesting on will cost you 0.49 dollars. It is linked with swapaDVD and paperbackswap in such a way that you can exchange points. It means that by sending a DVD you can get a book or a CD, etc.

Swapstyle- this is an exchange site for fashion and clothing. It serves as a trading center for shoes, cosmetics, handbags, jewelry etc. Lovers of trendy styles will love what is on offer.

U-exchange- this is a localized trading website for exchanging in any part of the world. A person registers from any part of the world to attract the attention of another in the same area. This has opened a window for people to trade a lot of goods including furniture, electronics and cleaning equipment, among others. The face to face factor makes it safer and offers a guarantee that you will get a good deal.

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