51 Soul Boston Music Dance Band Plays Jazz, R&b, Motown, Soul, And Funk

Professional musicianship and a great sound. These are two of the must haves when any band is booked for a private event or public venue. When these attributes come with a group of talented musicians capable of entertaining the varied generations from the 60s on up to today, then they just could be considered priceless.

Developing a solid reputation throughout New England, and reaching outward as well, the welcoming 51 Soul Boston Music Dance Band plays Jazz and other genres with ease. They perform regularly for clubs, restaurants and weddings with a professional grasp of many popular genres. They have an extensive play list of top pop artists and they know how to do great covers of each one. Once their audience hears the passion and panache they have, no one worries about their ability as a cover band anymore.

The members of this band truly care about their audiences. They enjoy creating lush sounds, and they listen to each other carefully. Changing pace without effort, keeping melodies flowing with energizing rhythmic patterns and changing pace flawlessly helps their audiences to enjoy the musical experience. Other trained professionals hear the skill and hear their polished results. What gives them the edge over competition is that each of their varied audiences feel it, and this gives 51 Soul Boston a ranking that is top drawer.

Unusual for clubs, but necessary for weddings, there is a request list posted on their website. They will prepare to perfection anything selected from this list for an upcoming wedding or gig. Even better, they enjoy having requests made in advance so that whatever is not on their list can be added. Aiming to please ensures that the best choices will be available to suit each event.

These are flexible professionals. As a group, their strength lies somewhat in being able to play many decades of popular music. Their singers take the lead, and with rich, warm vocals their lyrics are totally clear. Audiences do appreciate being able to understand the words of a song. Success is bound to follow when polished musicians do this technically well.

Drawing listeners into the experience and capturing them with sound is why 51 Soul Boston is so successful. Their heartfelt expressiveness, skilled instrumental dialogues and articulate drumming combine in each selection performed. Fun and welcome are two of their specialties.

Everyone has a favorite musical era. It is great to hear this group belt out the Oldies with a stylistic nod to the originals. What is fascinating is how they deftly blend their own musical strengths together to make those classics fresh and new. The guitar and bass lines weave in and out of the vocals seamlessly. The keyboard and drum support is skillful and quite well done. It can be rare to find a collection of players who become as tight at the seams as these are.

With one or more instruments as options, each group member can cover many subtle details. It is certain that they understand historical music trends. More than that, they enjoy performing with each other and present many musical genres stylishly. This is a band that is elegant, yet earthy. They have robust talent that is evident, and not to be missed.

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