Possible Causes And Other Symptoms Of Navicular Disease

It is not only humans who will experience diseases and conditions, animals can too. And if it is your pet, you know that you will be affected so much because you treat them not just as a creature but family. And if they are the source of your income like livestock, it will greatly affect the flow of money for the business.

One good example for this scenario are horse. Most people who have the finances to purchase one often take the opportunity to do so. These animals have the ability to jump higher and do maneuvers that makes them really good for shows and competition. But there are instances when they will be sick. You can only hope that it is not a serious condition such as navicular disease. Some of the simplest sicknesses can lead to this.

This is a syndrome that targets the foot, specifically the heel and the joints of the foot of your horse. This is also the most known cause of lameness, the condition when your pet cannot use his or her legs anymore. If they have this condition, they cannot jump anymore. And this is not treated, they might not be able to walk also.

It is important that you get to know what are the possible reasons of the occurrence of the this condition. Knowing the basics would be very useful for the prevention of the disease and prolonging the health of your pet. Aside from this, you will also enjoy more moments with them at the healthier state.

Compression and tension go together most of the time. If these two factors are constantly applied to the heel of the horse, the ligaments that protects the bones from brushing against each other will slowly disappear. And this is when pain happens.

There are others who purchase horses for work purposes such as heavy lifting and transportation. If this is what they are there for, you should also make sure that they have rested enough before you get them to work again. Too much activities will exhaust not only their entire system but the ligaments also. This is the same for show horses.

The shoe is what protects the feet of your animal. But if it is not the right fit, navicular syndrome happens. This also applies to not properly trimming the hooves prior to putting on the shoe. In this aspect, if you are not sure about the method, you should always let the professionals do this instead of doing this on your own and endangering the health of your pet.

Body weight and leg capacity needs to be well proportioned. Because if the body is too big for the legs, the pressure on the feet doubles. To make sure that your animal does not go over weight, make sure to engage them in exercises and activities everyday. But be certain that you would not over do it.

If you are to prevent this from happening, you have to see to it that the vet would have a general check up every once in a while. The recommended frequency would be at least twice a year. This way, it would be easier to detect if there is something wrong. And you can immediately correct or do things in order to prevent it from worsening.

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