All About The U.S. National Geodetic Survey

The names and functions of many government agencies is something that we are familiar with, though there are some about which you might know little. These agencies might be less well known, but they do play a significant role in making the nation run as smoothly as possible. The U.S. National Geodetic Survey agency supports our nation’s transportation and infrastructure.

The word “geodetic” and its meaning can help one understand its purpose. The branch of science dedicated to determining the shape and size of the Earth and the location of points all over the globe is known as Geodesy. The agency and its scientists work from mapping to emergency response imagery and airport surveys to everything related to it.

The main purpose of this agency is to define and maintain the National Spatial Reference System. This system is basically provides accurate information about every square inch of the United States, including land and water. The staff continuously maintains information about latitude and longitude as well as scale, height, gravity and orientation. These types of statistics can change throughout the year or over time as the earth continues to move and change.

This type of information benefits greatly from construction of roads and bridges, as well as creating accurate property lines and the ones related to it. When measurements are inaccurate, different problems can come into fruition. Even if it’s just an error of the slightest margin, a ship could run aground particularly if a map shows the depth of the ocean incorrectly. Society benefits greatly from proper mapping and surveying which is one if their many great functions.

Highly accurate maps are produced at the U.S. National Geodetic Survey and a number of their staff are using satellites and other technology. To help recording changes in elevation, slope, scale and height other tools are used which comes in several variety. You have probably seen engineers and surveyors using a theodolite on your neighborhood as this is one frequently used surveyor’s tool.

The basic premise of a Theodolite is that is measures angles in the horizontal and vertical planes. As a whole, it is important to be familiar with the angle and slope of the land particularly in the creation of our roads and in the contraction of homes and other buildings and not having this information is somewhat incomprehensible. The slightest error can result to a building settling improperly or a bridge or road being constructed incorrectly. The U.S. National Geodetic Surgery use several tools and a Theodolite is one amongst the many. The angles of slopes also can be measured with the use of a clinometer which is also known as an inclinometer.

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