Brock Rentals

Best B-school: This university is very well known for business. And the faculty of business is one of the best B-school in Canada. The business school of this university is named a Goodman school of business. Brock university housing is also available for those students who are admitted in this business school. A good number of scholarships are being offer to candidates who are being admitted here. All the scholarship in this faculty is merit based. There are no need based scholarships under this department. Admission to this university is fully on merit of test score. This faculty was previously known as Brock University faculty of business.

Program offered: Under graduate programs are mainly BBA and BACC and post graduate programs are MBA, MSc etc. There are many good numbers of rooms which are break outs. As far as recreation concern there is common computer rooms and student lounge. This room is mainly for the students of business schools.

Chair holders: Dr. James A. Gibson who was the first founder president of this university has joined this university. This university was backed by a good history. Brock university rentals are available with university construction. He was so honor that in the year of 1999 the Brock’s university library was named after his name. This is done to show deep honor to Dr. James A. Gibson. In the year 1967 University’s inaugural Chancellor was selected to Richard L. Hearn.

Getting accommodations: Getting accommodations is very difficult in Brock University, especially on campus accommodation. International students are therefore recommended to apply for this as early as possible. This B-school has accreditation by AACSB.This accreditation is the symbol of quality of education being provided in this B- School. Beta gamma sigma membership is also attained by Brock university Business school. This one of the so prestigious membership that only 5% of business school in the world wide has this membership. Holding this membership signifies the symbol of quality of education and exposure provide by this university. St Catherines off campus housing are available for international student of this department.

The Queenstown height battle was held in 1812. Major-General Sir Isaac Brock lost his life. This actual location where he died was just only 20 km the present campus location. The Brock University motto has “PUSH ON”. This motto of the university has also a history. Brock University has limited accommodation for international students where as student rentals St Catherines may be available if apply early.

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