Could The Ghostbusters Utilize A Collections Agency?

When it comes to horror movies, I’d like to think I have a relatively broad palate. The marathon has seen just about anything from slasher films to those which are more comedic by the comparison. In terms of the latter, you can be certain that the first “Ghostbusters” film was on my radar and I watched through it recently. After watching it, though, I have to wonder if a collections agency would prove useful for such a supernatural line of work that one can think of.

While you may not have taken this type of work into consideration before, keep in mind the versatility that is tied to the best debt collection agencies in the world. They know all too well how important it is for individuals to be educated on a number of financial instances, student loans and credit card payments included. As a result, it’s not out of the question for a collections agency to come into effect. The Ghostbusters is another business that has to be paid in order to keep efforts rolling.

The first job of the Ghostbusters also came as the first instance of how important it was for the group to become paid. They were employed by the owner of the Sedgewick Hotel in order to take care of a supernatural threat that has been nothing short of a hindrance for both staff and guests alike. The threat in question was contained but the owner, shocked at the price for the service done, refused to pay. The Ghostbusters soon threatened to let the ghost back out, which quickly prompted payment, as you could imagine.

It’s not, as if, the Ghostbusters have not been looked down on by society in general. Yes, the work that they have done was meant to benefit society in general, which is something that goes without saying. Apart from the working class, though, the Ghostbusters were not looked at fondly which was especially true for those who were in greater lines of work. When matters became so dire in terms of the supernatural, it was when these individuals changed their tune and were ready to start believing in the work done.

What are some of the most important aspects of any small business, you may wonder? I’d like to think that finances are some of the most prevalent and I am sure that anyone who is involved in a collections agency will be able to tell you the same. In this particular film, I believe that such an agency can prove useful, especially if funds stand a chance of not being attained. It’s an interesting way to look at it but the Ghostbusters shows that children and adults look at films differently.

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