CA Divorce Records And Marital Records

Marriages may or may not last for a lifetime. Its longevity heavily relies on the couple’s continuous efforts towards keeping the marital foundations of trust, loyalty, honesty and commitment intact. The failure to do so, however, can result in an outbreak of resentment and animosity, of displeasure and guilt. Around two out of three marriages in the United States are caught in this adhesive web of emotions.

The entirety of a divorce proceeding is documented in a record of divorce. These documents serve as attestations that a previous marriage has been terminated, after careful deliberation by a Judge in a Court of Law. Many reasons can lead one to obtain records of divorce. A very common example is found in persons who wish to tie new knots. This demographic seeks out divorce records to scrutinize the partner’s history for information such as violent tendencies and the like, and to obtain a new marriage license. Other notable intentions include the settlement of financial accounts, insurance matters and restraining orders, and the reinstatement of a woman’s maiden name.

Stipulations that mandate the stockpiling, protection and distribution of divorce records vary from one state to another. In the State of California, for example, records of divorce are held and handed out by repositories on both state and county levels. State-wide California divorce records from the year 1962 to June 1984 are maintained by the California Department of Public Health. The Superior Courts in all counties within the state’s jurisdiction takes care and disseminates registers recorded later than June 1984.

Two kinds of certified copies of divorce records can be obtained by eligible parties under California Law. The first variety, called certified authorized copies are prints of a divorce record limited to the former couple, their parents, and any appointed being authorized to obtain them thru a court order. Any other requesting parties can settle for informational copies that contain the same amount of information as with its authorized equivalent. Furthermore, informational copies are emblazoned with a label that states, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”

After gathering adequate information about a particular divorce and determining one’s eligibilities, the process of procuring divorce records in California continues with the completion of a request form that is downloadable from the website of whichever repository that holds your desired record. The processing fees for both authorized and informational prints of a divorce record depend upon the entity that filed the request. Entreaties made by public agencies cost $10.00, and $15.00 for any other requesting parties. Requests are typically processed within a period of a few weeks to six months.

Online-based public record databases have been developed recently as a result of the continuous pursuit of expedience in the practice of public records search and retrieval. Paid or free divorce records search offered by various government repositories and private service providers can provide anyone with the record of divorce they need within a few moments, significantly reducing menial processing times and saving good amounts of exertion, cash and precious periods of time.

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