Learn How Decatur Squirrel Trappers Can Help Safely Eliminate These Pests

Squirrels can become a real nuisance when they invade people’s homes. There are many different species of these animals, and they can be somewhat tricky to remove without the assistance of a trained professional. Decatur squirrel trappers can put an end to this problem by humanely trapping and relocating these creatures.

Squirrels normally nest up in trees, but sometimes they will decide that the attic or other spaces in houses are suitable for this. Homeowners usually become aware of these creatures’ presence by the scuffling sounds from the ceilings or walls and unfortunately they can be very persistent if not removed before they reproduce.

Equipped with the appropriate tools, knowledge, and experience, a certified wildlife control specialist will easily be able to identify all access points in the home, trap and relocate the animals, and repair these points of entry to prevent future infestations. Dealing with this issue as soon as one is aware of it is recommended to minimize damage and also the cost to fix it.

Squirrel removal experts generally rely on live traps to safely capture all animal invaders, so they can be taken outside the city and released without doing any harm to them. Local laws protecting wildlife are closely followed by companies that perform this service.

Two of the most commonly used traps professionals employ in their work are the single animal live cage trap and the repeating live cage trap. The former is baited with food to attract the animals and when they enter it triggers a trap door which effectively ensnares them. The latter are placed at access points on the house where it can trap several squirrels at once as they leave the house to look for food, as it does not allow them back inside.

The installation of a one-way exclusion door may also be applied to any of the squirrels’ access points. Somewhat similar to the repeating trap, it prevents the creatures from going back in the house, but the main difference is that unlike those traps, they are not captured but free to roam, which in itself poses the problem of their continued presence and the likelihood they will find another way inside.

Early repair can do much to minimize the damage done and the likelihood that these creatures will have babies, which they usually do about twice a year. When non-professionals attempt this on their own it may result in injury to them or the animals, and in some cases they may also break the law.

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