How Homeowners Help Prevent Marietta Winter Roof Leaks

When a leaking roof allows water in during a severe storm, the destruction can be as bad as a high-water flood. The walls need new paint, carpets need to be replaced, wooden floors may warp, and the interior becomes ripe for mold infestation. Although any form of water damage is costly and frustrating, Marietta winter roof leaks can be found and fixed before they become a homeowner nightmare.

If the damage occurs during the wet, cold months of winter, fixing it may become a complicated task. Severe storms can easily cause serious problems, but many are the result of long-term neglect, and are easily prevented through regular routine maintenance. Simple inspections can be performed during the warmer months, and require little technical proficiency.

Keeping surfaces free of debris shed by trees and other vegetation prevents many potential problems. This not only includes any large branches fallen from nearby older growth, but also the seasonal leaf drop and smaller twigs that often clog the gutters. Nearby trees can be trimmed back so that they do not rub against shingles during windy weather.

Although temperatures worldwide are gradually rising, snow and ice storms can still be a factor in the region called the American Sunbelt. When hard freezes occur, ice dams may form across gutters, and when temperatures rise water may flow into easily damaged walls and joints. If decayed leaves and other debris are cleaned away regularly, the problem is far less common.

Another easy-to-ignore chore is inspecting the attic insulation to make sure there are no coverage gaps. Insulation helps prevent the escape of heat, which can accelerate the rate of surface snow melt. In some cases removing overhead snow manually may be necessary if a particularly brutal storm has left significant accumulations. Collapse is rare, but can occur.

Although shingles and other materials may appear sound, having a regular inspection in the fall prevents surprises. The metal strips used to seal the area where shingles meet skylights, chimneys, and other structures are called flashing. When they develop holes or cracks, water flows directly into the walls or attic. If problems are detected early, repairs are usually uncomplicated.

An annual inspection performed by a professional company finds, repairs and prevents trouble. If a new installation is required, using a service saves money on materials, and experienced workers complete the job quickly and without the collateral damage that sometimes plagues home repair enthusiasts. Having a structure that is solid and water-tight is well worth the cost.

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