Western Themed Decorations For Your Next Event

There is a party on the horizon and you need to come up with some exciting and fun themes for the event. You know you can get western themed decorations quickly and easily and opt for a country-style party. Finding these items will be a snap with the assistance of event planners and party professionals. Soon you will be well on your way to planning the ultimate function.

Cowboy gear is a great place to start. Use cowboy hats, cowboy boots, lassos, spurs, branding irons, and cow skins to give the party some real atmosphere. Hire special country singers for background and dance music and engage a roper who can show the crowd all of his tricks.

The second object individuals think of are horses. Horse blankets, saddles, bridles, feed bags, pieces of split rail fencing, even small wagons and wagon wheels, and horseshoes will all create a dramatic and authentic effect. Add large bales of hay or straw around the room to give the area an original look. Rent mechanical bulls in both adult and child versions to add more excitement and originality to the party.

Use crisp fabrics on guest tables, buffet lines and sign-in tables. These can include denim, burlap, bandanna print, and red or blue and whited checked material. Us real red, blue or white bandannas to roll the flatware in and tie with hemp string.

Blue speckled dishes and utensils will give the party a cowboy appeal as would old fashion kerosene lanterns. Serve salads, chips, and snacks from galvanized buckets of varying sizes and heights. Chafing dishes can be nothing more than food pans balanced on brick bases with sterno beneath. Desserts such as cobblers and crisps could be served from cast iron frying pans. Cookies and brownies stack nicely on blue or red speckled trays.

Balance galvanized tubs on wooden saw horses and use as coolers for long necks and bottled sodas. The menu can consist of food items such as steak, barbecue, chicken fried steak, and chicken fried chicken. They can be served off of the back of an authentic chuck wagon if one is available. Pass rolls and cornbread in wicker baskets lined with checked napkins.

Decorate the bars with lassos, bridles and Indian blankets. Add a few more kerosene lanterns for extra lighting. Stock the bar with cowboy-motif glass or plastic ware and have “cowboy” liquor on hand for guests. These could include bourbon, tequila, and whiskey. Be sure to have the staff dress in country attire such as blue jeans, white shirts, bandannas and cowboy hats. Serve iced tea in small mason jars and coffee in tin cups.

The party can look really fabulous if you integrate all of these elements into your decor. For even more impact, ask your guests to arrive in cowboy attire for even more impact. Hand out bandannas, long necks, and cowboy hats as relevant party favors as everyone comes in. Hire a photographer to take pictures as guests arrive for a long-lasting memento of the occasion.

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