Woodside 10X8 Vinyl Shed

Providing high quality vinyl storage shed solutions, as well as fences and building supplies, Duramax Building Products is a company highly devoted and dedicated to their craft and customers. Suited to withstand harsh conditions and punishing climates, duramax sheds are crafted from the best available materials to withstand the hottest summer or the coldest winter. Formulated with the intense environmental conditions of the American southwest in mind, Duramax sheds are sure to weather any storm and handle any climate uncompromisingly.

Vinyl materials – especially for outdoor sheds – are an exceptionally durable and resilient selection, capable of providing long years of functionality without diminishing in structural stability or appearance. Vinyl is immune to problems encountered by woods, such as rot and mould, while also avoiding the pitfalls of metal solutions which rust and corrode over time. A vinyl shed requires no maintenance, unlike wood or metal which can require a significant time investment to keep from falling into disrepair from bugs, rust and other maladies. Duramax Woodside Vinyl Sheds come with a full 15 year warranty, giving you a solid guarantee that your investment will be serving you the very best over a decade after purchase. Weatherproof, rust proof, rot proof, bug proof, fire retardant and exceptionally durable: vinyl is one of the finest solutions for long term storage anywhere.

The Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed from duramax sheds is a product which provides a high degree of both form and function. Designed to provide a quality storage solution while also being an aesthetically pleasing addition to any property, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is made in an eye catching two tone color scheme, featuring ivory white walls with elegantly contrasting brown resin gabled roof and matching trim and doors. The elegant design of the walls and roofs provides a pleasing geometry which is not only nice to look at, but also prevents the build-up of water and soot by providing easy run off thanks to gravity and the sloped design.

Ensuring ease of access is an important consideration with any storage – but you also want something that keeps everything secure, but accessible to those who need it. The Duramax Woodside is highly equipped to perform both these functions, with wide double doors providing great entry even for large and cumbersome objects. Easily locked with a durable security lock, the Woodside is sure to remain secure and protecting anything inside from thieves and other unauthorized access. In addition to the door, the shed features a single window, with additional windows which can be installed optionally.

Measuring 10′ by 8′ in total, this shed is a spacious and well suited storage area. Providing 79.25 square feet of floor space and a whopping 542′ cubic space, the Woodside has enough room to fit just about anything – in quantity! The walls are reinforced with metal columns which can be used to easily mount shelving, letting you customize the available surfaces and take advantage of all the space, both horizontal and vertical, provided by the shed. With an interior space of 92″ by 123″, there is quite a lot of it to be utilized. The double door design provides easy access even for oddly shaped or tall objects, with 61″ wide and 71″ tall clearance through the door.

Designed with ease of assembly in mind, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed can easily be taken apart and put back together in a snap. All that is needed to assemble is a drill, hammer, level, sealant, and a few other implements – common tools, likely to be found within any workshop and familiar to virtually everyone. The shed can easily be assembled with a few hours of work, even from someone with little or no building experience, simply by following the highly detailed step-by-step instructions (with pictorial aids) provided by Duramax Sheds.

To ensure optimal stability, the shed must be situated on a quality foundation capable of providing firm support. While many resin storage sheds compromise their structural integrity in this respect by not providing a quality foundation solution, all Duramax sheds provide an extremely sturdy, stable galvanized metal foundation kit, designed to be attached to a wooden or concrete platform to form the base of support for the entire structure, ensuring stability and support from top to bottom. While a wooden platform can be more than sufficient, the additional stability afforded by concrete is great for those looking for a truly long term storage solution.

Overall, the Duramax Woodside Vinyl Shed is a winning storage solution, ideal for long term outdoor storage. Adequately spaced to hold just about anything, the Woodside is sure to keep everything stored within warm, dry and secure for years or even decades of long storage. An ideal solution for any property, this shed increases available storage space where ever it is placed without making an eye sore, making it a winning solution for yards and homes everywhere.

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