Could Extra Virgin Olive Oil Help Failing Hearts?

If you’re looking at the ways in which one’s heart can be affected, there are many talking points to consider. You have to keep in mind that the human heart can be helped, or hindered, based on various actions related to physical activity, dieting, and the like. However, did you know that the addition of extra virgin olive oil may provide the boost that your heart needs? If you’d like to know why this might be the case, there are quite a few ideas to consider.

TIME posted an article that spoke about extra virgin olive oil and how it could possibly be used to helped a failing heart. Circulation, a medical journal, posted quite a bit of research that went into detail about the idea of heart failure. Basically, this condition is illustrated by the difficulty of pumping blood throughout the body. What this does is that it causes the heart to expand, which is a negative development seen by companies like Unaprol.

While the study was being conducted, the hearts belonging to these rats were injected with two different types of oil. According to TIME, oleate is a type of fat that is linked to olive, canola, and other oils of this nature. Palmitate is a sort of fat that, for the most part, can be linked to products along the lines of animal and dairy. As the study continued, interesting results came to the forefront. These are ones which no nutrition-conscious individual should overlook.

For the hearts given doses of palmitate, the organs appeared to be failing, with larger masses than expected of healthy hearts. However, in more positive news, the hearts treated with oleate were actually able to function with greater levels of effectively. Not only were these hearts able to benefit from restored fat but the fact that they were able to function well, in regards to metabolism, only made their readings that much more positive. In conclusion, oleate was the better fat for heart health.

No one can argue with the fact that extra virgin olive oil is a product which can offer quite the boost. In fact, I believe it to be one of the best products which houses various elements related to health, whether it’s a matter of antioxidants, the “good” fats, or what have you. Each of these are able to play their part in the creation of a stronger body overall. The same can be said for the heart as well, which only speaks greater volumes about the benefits associated with this oil.

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