Selecting Bug-Out Land In Klickitat County

When a wide-scale disaster occurs, anyone anticipating such as event probably already has a plan for bugging out. While it might be as simple as rapidly gathering supplies and heading out of town, some preppers have purchased bug-out land specifically for this type of scenario. If you are concerned about the future and searching for ways to keep your family secure, it’s best to begin planning today.

One of the initial steps to take is finding a secure location a bug-out spot. In general, this needs to be within a few hours’ drive of your current home, some place you can reach on just one tank of gas. You want to be away from the city, but you also need to be practical because there’s every possibility that gasoline simply won’t be accessible if disaster strikes.

Another important element of planning is mapping out a route to your bug out land. It is imperative that you have more than one way to get to your doomsday prepper land. If possible, map out three different routes and try to stay off the main highways and freeways whenever possible, as those are sure to be congested.

Klickitat County, located in southern Washington, is an excellent bug-out spot for people who live in or around Vancouver, Portland or Seattle. Just a few hours from all of these cities, the land is generally good for growing food, has plenty of hunting and fishing opportunities and has very few residents. In addition, you will find that the land prices are quite reasonable, which makes it affordable to use as a bug-out location or even relocate permanently and transform your property into a survivalist retreat. At Klickitat Valley Realty, the staff can help you find a remote spot of land that might be perfect as doomsday prepper land, survivalist land or a bug-out property. Be sure to look for property where you can place a house or shelter so that it cannot be spotted easily from the road.

After you purchase bug-out land, you can begin to prep for disaster. Obviously, you must store a wide variety of supplies at the bug-out property, but your bug-out plan also includes having supplies at the ready at your main residence. You should be able to load up food, clothing and supplies in just a matter of minutes and be able to dash away. You also should have a backpack with about three-days of supplies for each person in your family. That way, if you must leave your car, you can survive on foot for several days.

One wise move is to practice with bug-out drills. Get the whole family programmed to move quickly and efficiently. Load up the car and get on the road and practice each route to your bug-out location. Once you reach the bug-out shelter, spend a few days there improving your shelter or adding to your stockpile. As you practice, you will come up with ways to improve the efficiency of your plan.

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