Benefits And Overview Of MAIF Insurance Agent

There are instances when an application for an automobile insurance would be rejected. This can cause a lot of frustration and further hassle to find another private company that would accept the application. But there are companies that are organized and accredited by the government that can save these unsuccessful applications.

In Maryland, there is a company that can provide uninsured motorists the opportunity to have an insurance even after the accident has already happened and they accept applications that even other private companies have not accepted. The Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund or MAIF insurance agent has his taken cared of. This is related to their Uninsured Division which guidelines for insurers may apply for being able to have this.

This may be acquired by Maryland residents who are in these certain situations. These are for residents who do not own a car and had this kind of liability, and even for those who have relatives who do not have their insurances as well, so this may still be included in the coverage of the policy. There would be further investigation to see if the individual is negligent free or have not been part of the damage or liability so that they can have this.

The only source for the funds in this division is from the fines take from penalties of various motorists who have no insurances and have made liabilities. Therefore, companies outside MAIF have not funded this and this is also not taken from other motorists. Only those that are fined is the main source of funds for this division.

For vehicle owners, they have legal minimum requirements imposed. And the penalties would include the loss of plates, and a fine for uninsured motorists of one hundred and fifty dollars in the first month and seven for the succeeding days. And then twenty five dollars for the restoration fee, and a lot more.

This was duly created by the Maryland State Legislature during 1972 for that purpose. This is an independent agency and they report directly towards the Governor and they are responsible to the legislature. Generally, the funds for them to operate are from premiums and they do not receive any funds from the State, neither for obligations and debts in regards to the State of Maryland.

They are advised by the Board of Trustees which comprises of ten appointed people by the Governor and then five from the overall industry. Basically, their Executive Director is a part of the Board and monitors the daily operations. The operating units contains the Underwriting Department, the Claims Department, the Human Resources Department, the Fiscal Department, the Information Systems Department, and the Administration Department.

Of course, there are simple ways that the costs could be lowered or prevent it from raising higher. You should be able to maintain a good record for driving. Avoid penalties and other traffic violations since this may raise the premium you have and would make it cost more.

Also, check the deductibles that you are able to afford. Get rid off anything that you do not need and for those small losses. Getting a higher deductible would lower the premium for physical damages that may occur. Another thing is to look at the condition of your vehicle in terms of its age and is it still running fine.

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