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Endings are always part of the natural order of things. In terms of marriages, it goes both ways. First, marriages are to be treasured for all the days of the couple’s lives. On the other hand, marriages that went haywire almost always end up in a divorce. The termination of a marriage is that ending that frees all individuals from the shackles of disappointment, dissatisfaction and despair. These experiences are evident in two out of three marriages in the United States. Vital events like divorces are documented and archived to aid several intentions.

Records of divorce contain pretty much every detail about a divorce – sworn statements, grounds, restraining orders and other related documents. Moreover, divorce records are the best proofs that can demonstrate that a divorce has taken place, and that it was Okayed by a Judge in a Court of Law. These main purposes fuel many post-marital transactions such as maiden name reinstatement and financial and insurance settlement. Remarriage is one of the most common rationales for obtaining these registers, because the issuance of a new marriage license typically requires a copy of the applicant’s record of divorce.

Laws governing the storage and dissemination of divorce records are individualized in every state. In the California, for example, county and state-based repositories hold records of divorce based on the year these documents were filed and eventually granted. Divorce records registered between 1962 until June 1984 are stockpiled in the California Department of Public Health. On the other hand, records documented after June 1984 are kept in the Superior Court of the county that granted the divorce.

Two types of certified copies of divorce records are available in California – authorized and informational. Under California Law, authorized copies can only be obtained by the individuals listed on the record, their parents, and a party entitled to receive the record as per court order. Individuals outside these criteria can settle for informational copies. This type of record contains the same amount of information as with its authorized counterpart, but will have an inscription that says, “INFORMATIONAL, NOT A VALID DOCUMENT TO ESTABLISH IDENTITY.”

Once your aptness for a certain kind of divorce record has been identified, fill up an application form provided by the websites of the California Department of Public Health and the concerned County Superior Courts. This must clearly cite your intentions for doing so, together with the information about that divorce. If a request came from a public agency, the processing fee per copy will be at $10.00. The processing fee for any other requestors is $15.00. A response will be sent to you by the concerned repository after a few weeks to six months.

Convenience is a lasting concept and goal for current and future advancements in technology. Utilizing such concepts and aims, countless payment-based and free divorce records search means have emerged from various government and private sectors. The opportunity to enact the search initiatives yourself coupled with the guaranteed instantaneous arrival of the desired document can considerably shear off generous amounts of time, effort and money that were spent during the entire experience.

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