How A Long Island Advertising Agency May Assess Tsu

When it comes to the value of social platforms, in general, there is plenty to talk about. The user bases that these sites possess, the types of services they entail, and the levels of activity they generate are just a few points that are worth taking into consideration. While the idea of being paid based on the activity in question may seem like a pipe dream, it’s closer to reality than you would imagine. If you were to talk to a Long Island advertising agency about this, they may tell you about Tsu.

For those who do not know, Tsu is a new social media platform designed to pay back users for the activity they engage in. Anything from text posts they create to the photos they share can be made back, in terms of proverbial income, which means that it offers a perk that other platforms do not. Essentially, you may be given money simply from the activity you may associate with the Facebooks and Twitters of the world. On paper, an idea like this sounds appealing.

If you want to talk about profits, for users, you’re going to talk about ad revenue. Basically, Tsu breaks up ad revenue in a 9-1 ratio, allowing its users to reap 90 percent of said revenue while the site itself keeps the remaining 10 percent. Essentially, Tsu is made in order to benefits its users more so than the site itself, which should speak volumes. Of course, everyone’s benefit is going to vary, depending on the effort they put into Tsu, so it’s important to recognize this fact as well.

There are a few caveats to consider with Tsu, though, and I am sure that firms like fishbat can draw attention to them as well. For one, you are not able to simply log onto Tsu and create an account; you must first be invited to do so, meaning that the level of entry is going to vary from one person to the next. It’s also worth noting that profits are not tremendous, since a user can make around $24 each day. Nonetheless, it’s still an intriguing perk that a Long Island advertising agency can draw attention to.

I am of the opinion that, if Tsu keeps matters together, this particular social media website can grow. I believe that there are enough perks linked to it that users will feel the need to log onto the website in question. It’s clear that Tsu is still a new name, which means that not everyone will feel comfortable putting forth their own levels of investment. Regardless, it’s a website worth recognizing and I am sure that its users base will grow in due time.

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