Some Words Of Wisdom Scripture References

A wise man is like a candle light placed on a stand that cannot be hidden. He organizes his words and presents ideas in a way that can be applied to solve problems. Cases that appear sensitive cannot be resolved without wisdom. An example can be sited in the Bible where Solomon applied some tactical measures to find out the woman who owned the dead child. Apart from the case of Solomon, there are other words of wisdom scripture references from the Bible that are beneficial to man.

A very simple way of hearing from God and obtaining part of His cleverness is by reading the Bible. The Bible in Job 12:12 encourages people to acknowledge the presence of older people in their midst. Old people are not just those who are advanced in age but also include individuals with experience in their fields. This is part of the reason why organizations still keep the telephone numbers and addresses of their workers who have already retired.

In Proverbs 1:7, it is known that people cannot be wise if they do not fear God. It is a scriptural reference that points to the supremacy of God over all other gods and the need to develop a relationship with Him. The closer your relationship with Him, the more of this quality you tend to exhibit.

One who has the fear of God will not want to do anything that will make Him angry. This is what is written in Proverbs 3:7. Another way of saying this is that nobody can be wise by being wicked. Wickedness means unkindness. It includes activities such as fighting, idolatry, fornication, backbiting and stealing. A person who abstains from these is one who really fears God.

Children also become wise at their tender ages when they accept corrections from their elder ones and take all disciplinary actions with love. Children should know that their parents/guardians will not be happy to see them wallow in ignorance, pain or poverty. This is why they must endure any discipline. A child who doesn’t want to obey his instructors cannot progress far in life because he lacks the experience to overcome challenges.

One way to get wisdom is by pleasing God. This is recorded in Ecclesiastes 2:26. It goes further to say that such people will be blessed and filled with joy. According to the scripture, those who please God will be satisfied with the wealth acquired by those who displease Him.

God does not want anyone to think that it is possible to be clever by looking for knowledge. Throughout the scriptures, there is an emphasis on acknowledging Him. That is why 1 Corinthians 1:25 says that the foolish things God does is better than anything any man can do with all his wisdom. Hence, following Him in every area of life is the best policy.

You can tell if someone is wise by the way he handles issues. This is the point emphasized by Proverbs 29:11, which says that a fool empties his mind on the slightest provocation while on the other hand; a clever person keeps silent until after a while. A wise man is known for his speech and the way he responds to challenges.

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