Tobacco Cigarettes Versus Wholesale E-Cigarettes

For many years, doctors have told us that tobacco products and smoking were hazardous to our health. Tobacco cigarettes are filled with a host of dangerous, cancer-causing chemicals and also known to contribute to heart disease. With the rise of wholesale electronic cigarettes, smokers have an alternative to consider that definitely has some key advantages over the old tobacco cigarette.

People begin to smoke for a variety of reasons, but they typically stick with it because of the addictive substance of nicotine. All tobacco cigarettes have some nicotine, some have more than others. With an electronic cigarette, you can select wholesale E-liquids with as much nicotine as a brand such as Camels or Marlboro Reds or you can select a liquid with less nicotine or none at all. If you were hoping to quit smoking, you could start out smoking E-cigs with full nicotine and gradually reduce it down to zero, while still enjoying smoking cigarettes.

Tobacco products also contain many other harmful toxins. According to the American Lung Association, there are about 600 ingredients in cigarettes and when they are burned, the produce as many as 7,000 chemicals. Dozens of these chemicals are poisonous and many cause cancer. Arsenic and lead are two familiar poisons in tobacco smoke, but there are many others and this smoke not only harms the smoker, others can be affected adversely.

With electronic cigarettes, far fewer amounts of harmful chemicals are released or inhaled. Nothing in an E-Cigarette is burned, so no toxic smoke is released. Instead, a battery heats up the E-liquid in the cigarette which creates a fine mist or vapor. While more studies need to be completed, most findings indicate that there is no significant health risk posed by the vapor released by E-Cigarettes.

Avoiding the health problems associated with tobacco cigarettes is a big reason why people are switching over to wholesale E-Cigarettes, but there are even more reasons why people smoke E-Cigs. These electronic cigarettes are much safer in general because they are not lit and there is no fire or smoke produced. People die every year in fires started by cigarettes, not to mention the property damage and risk of wildfires. Tobacco cigarettes also tend to wind up tossed on the ground, but electronic cigarettes are reusable and the only part that is thrown away is small E-liquid cartridge.

Another reason to switch is the delicious taste, and wholesale electronic cigarettes come in many different flavors. When you visit your local vape shop, such as Vype Vapor in Las Vegas, you will find a huge variety of interesting flavors of wholesale E-liquid. You might enjoy the flavor of butterscotch or cherry candy or perhaps you would like a liquid that is a bit like sipping a warm cappuccino. Other varieties mix a touch of tobacco flavor with vanilla or caramel.

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