A Fun Spin On Corporate Teambuilding & Training

Employee training and teambuilding events are much more successful when you lure your staff in with some great food. Pizza has always been a favorite simply because it’s popular, tasty and versatile.

But even a tried-and-true favorite can become a bit dull, and sometimes those pizza boxes just make people want to groan.

But what happens when you lift the lid of your pizza box and there is something unique and delightful inside? When you are setting up training sessions or teambuilding exercises, all the details need to be considered, and this definitely includes the food.

If you are searching for that special wow factor, serving up a box of lukewarm pizza really isn’t going to be a source of inspiration. The savvy manager understands that in order to motivate and elevate the mood of your participants, you need to offer up something that gets people excited, happy and ready to learn. A unique food choice can set just the right tone at your meeting. But what should this culinary wonder be?

Enter Chocolate Pizza

Yes, you read that correctly. Chocolate pizza is the answer to the question about how to get your employees engaged and excited. This isn’t just cocoa-flavored dough, either. This is pizza created entirely out of the best quality chocolate and chocolate appeals to just about everyone.

For more than a generation, the Chocolate Pizza Company of Marcellus, New York, has been creating specialty gourmet chocolate pizzas. Each year nearly 100,000 pounds are transformed into tens of thousands of chocolate pizzas. Their confections have even been featured on the Food Network, as well as ABC News and countless magazines and newspapers. They ship to all 50 states and also have shipped to more than 20 countries. Everything is homemade and no detail is left untouched.

“We make our own homemade English toffee and then we blend it with gourmet dark chocolate or milk chocolate,” describes Ryan Novak, the owner of Chocolate Pizza. “From there we pour this mix into rounds and then sprinkle almonds, pecans, walnuts and a drizzle of white chocolate. We then seal it up and place it in an actual pizza box, which makes for an amazing presentation.”

In addition to the aforementioned variety, there are a dozen other styles of gourmet chocolate pizza to consider. Serving up chocolate pizza for a change can actually inspire your team and deliver the all-important message that changes can be a positive experience, just like swapping out a regular pizza for a deluxe chocolate pizza!

Weighing in at about 25 ounces, the large variety of chocolate pizza can easily serve up to ten people. Rather than cut it up in the traditional slices, let people just come up and break off a piece and enjoy. This is a fantastic way to break the ice and get employees chatting and socializing. Unlike its traditional doughy counterpart, chocolate pizza delivers a beneficial sugar rush that will energize your staff. Better yet, serve up a dark chocolate-style pizza and you will be adding some antioxidants into the mix. Studies have shown that dark chocolate has a positive effect on blood pressure, cardiovascular health and even boosts our immune systems.

When planning a training session, even the small details can make or break the meetings. If you want to add something special to your meetings, announce to employees that chocolate pizza is on the menu during the event. If nothing else, they will be excited about discovering this new taste sensation and also pleased that you care enough about employees to do a little something special for them.

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