How To Use Promotional Products To Market Your Business And Delight Your Customers

How To Use Promotional Products To Market Your Business And Delight Your Customers

Looking for a low-cost, attention-getting way to promote your business?
Do it with promotional products. Sometimes called “advertising specialties,” these delightful items include mugs, key rings, caps, t-shirts, playing cards, license-plate frames, flashlights, and more — all with your company LOGO printed on them.

People just love them, especially if you offer them for free. Often your established customers will even BUY them, sometimes at a price that creates a profit for you.

The variety and kinds of products you can have your name printed on is incredible. As a promotional product specialist, I can — right now — deliver more than 700,000 popular promotional items, all with your name on them, ranging from aprons to watches.

The beauty of promotional products is they are a super low-cost billboard that stays with your prospect or customer for years at a time. Every time the prospect uses the promotional placemat, fan, or pen, they’ll think of YOU. And everyone else who sees that item will think of you, too.

In recent years, big companies who could easily afford all the newspaper and TV advertising they want, have instead invested millions in promotional products.

Why? They work! Promotional products work especially well to market to those very powerful, but hard to reach individuals like corporate bosses or teenagers. A teenager might turn her nose up at your TV ad and never see your newspaper ad. But if a friend she admires wears or uses your promotional product, you’re immediately cool.

The same principle works for corporate chieftains who are impossible to reach on the phone and never answer their email. Fed Ex him or her a luxury item for their home or office, and you will get their attention.

Promotional items are also excellent for reinforcing your media or online advertising. How do you get a prospect to remember your ad for weeks, months, or even years? Give them a promotional product that makes them think of you and your ad.

For added effect, choose promotional items that relate to your business. A gym might giveaway a t-shirt. A tanning salon might hand out sunglasses. Let your creativity and sense of fun be your guide.

Keep in mind that promotional products aren’t just for marketing business names. They work equally well when they focus on a specific product, product line, service, or idea. Some of the most successful promotional products have worked to promote political, religious, health, and community causes.

Click through a site or catalog that features a big selection of promotional products. Think about your customers as you browse. When you find yourself thinking “Oh – they would LOVE this”… you’ve found your best promotional item.