Every job aspirant for a fast food job has some aim that the interviewer has to discern in order to shortlist the serious contenders for the post. In this article the questions have been compiled without any fixed basis. You may ask the question according to your own preference. For instance, the interviewer may ask whether the candidate knows the locations of a hotel for which he or she is the owner. Fast food joint owners who want to find people who will work cheap will enquire what the job applicant expects as his or her salary. Here is the comprehensive list.

What is the challenge in this job? The way the job seeker answers this question will tell you how mature the person is and how adept he or she will be at solving problems that arise.

What is your weakness? Candidates with little or no experience will not be able to answer this question properly. However, you may get some who will not answer this question truthfully or try to give smart answers.

Have you done any work in the fast food field before? This is an easy step for siphoning off those who are really talented. If you are looking for fresh faces, then again this will serve to filter off those who are too experienced.

Did you make any suggestions for improving the fast food scene and were they used? Pay very careful attention to the answer. Only those who have a true leaning for the fast food industry will make suggestions. It is rare to find such people who are interested enough to make suggestions for improving the service. Have there been instances where you opposed your teacher or superior? People who have opposed are highly unlikely to tell the truth. People who have worked for over three or four years will definitely have some instances, where they had a bone to pick with their colleagues or employers.

What is your knowledge about our company? Candidates who really want the job will have all the facts ready by looking up the pamphlets from the hotel. Those who have not are not fully committed to the job.

Do you think you have growth prospects with our company? For this question, money is the most common motivation and most of the candidates will truthfully give you that answer though there may be some who join for the love of working. You can judge the behavioral pattern from the way the candidate answers this question.

How special do you consider yourself with regards to this job? At this point, the candidate will begin to list out all good points he or she has and go on to tell how they saved the day at the place where they were previously employed. There could be some innovative answers too from some of the brighter candidates.

Do you have any specific salary range in mind? You have to ask this question and you know that what the candidate says will not influence you in the matter of paying his or her salary. Be prepared here for some hilarious answers too. This answer must be taken with a pinch of salt since there are some candidates who have no idea how much the salary of the fast food worker might be.

Do your parent approve of you taking up such work? Low-income bracket job aspirants join up due to the financial pressure. You cannot expect the same attitude towards the job from job aspirants who want to work to increase their pocket-money. You will find some food-loving work applicants too.

Those who prepare best, reap the sweetest rewards. The question of selecting the best individual for your fast food work has been resolved by preparing a meticulous list. If job applicants go through the list they will develop a perspective regarding how to answer the question in an interview for fast food jobs.

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