Assisted Living San Diego: Some Surprising Benefits

People always have the expectation of living life to the fullest completely independently throughout their entire adult life. Unfortunately, sometimes living alone and independently can be problematic. Millions of older Americans struggle to live alone and struggle with the sadness of isolation. For these individuals, considering assisted living in San Diego might be a better option than living on their own, and there are many reasons why this isolation is detrimental.

1. The Risk Of Mortality Increases In Isolation

While some people who live alone have plenty of social interactions, spending time with friends and family or engaging in various social activities, many seniors have very little contact with others. This isolation has been shown to increase your risk of mortality. Perhaps it’s because with fewer social contacts, there’s no one around to notice if a person’s medical condition has changed, and perhaps there’s no easy way to receive medical attention if needed. But, studies also have shown that isolation can lead to increased blood pressure and even increases your risk of some cancers and heart disease.

2. Isolation Decreases Your Safety

If you opt to live at a facility for assisted living in San Diego or Carlsbad, one big advantage is that there is always a staff member available to help you. If you live alone and fall or perhaps suffer from a stroke or a heart attack, help probably isn’t close at hand. In addition, the general level of security at most homes for assisted living in San Diego is superior to what you would have at a private house. Not only will you probably be safer in assisted living, you also are bound to feel safer. Many surveys have shown that residents in assisted living feel very safe and secure.

3. Staying Social Can Keep You Sharp & Happy

There are studies that have indicated that enjoying plenty of social interaction can improve your mental clarity and can slow the progress of dementia. At a facility for assisted living in San Diego County, there are also many daily activities to enjoy and these can improve your mental sharpness as well as your physical health. Depression among older adults is quite common, but tends to be less common when the individual has a strong support system including family and friends. An assisted living facility allows you to enjoy the company of others with very little effort. You don’t have to drive yourself anywhere and you don’t have to wait for someone to come and pick you up.

Of course, there are plenty of seniors who don’t really need assisted living, because they have no health problems or mobility issues that might lead to isolation. For those who do have trouble managing the typical chores of daily life and have few opportunities to simply enjoy the company of others, assisted living in San Diego can be a good choice. Some people opt for an in-home caregiver, and while that can be helpful, it still doesn’t really provide that needed social interaction or an interesting set of activities during the day and evening.

If you are getting ready to begin your search for senior care, consider using a local eldercare placement service. A service such as Care Placement will ask you to fill out a questionnaire, and then a representative will contact you to discuss your needs. From there, you will receive a list of board and care homes or facilities for assisted living in San Diego that meet your needs. The placement services generally are free, and the homes and assisted living communities have been pre-screened. Even so, it’s best to visit several facilities before ultimately decided which one is the best fit.

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