The Only Moment You Truly Have Is Right Now

What a mess.

Our past can seem like an inescapable cage that weighs down on us every single day. Constantly we are reminded of prior pain, mistakes we have made, people we have lost, and the list of transgressions goes on and on.

The biggest danger of an upsetting past is when you allow it to define who you are in this moment and who you will become in the future. When this happens, you have birthed a creature that can truly define the rest of your life.

What can you really do to move on from the past?

The one thing you can do that starts the healing process is decide to clean everything up. Clean up the fights you’ve had with others, the broken relationships, the mistakes you’ve made, the failures you are responsible for and everything else that has a negative touch to it. Clean it all up. While it’s not easy to do this, being able to lay past events to rest is one of the most important factors in being able to live in the present moment.

But there’s something else about coming back to this moment that is even more important. The past can also be a place where we want to go back to because things seemed so much better back then. But that moment is gone. It’s forever gone. The people who were in your life, the memories, the things you did are all behind you. You can really never go back. All you can do is create a new life for yourself now.

While it’s hard to not live in the past and equally hard to not live in the future, you must. You must because you can’t go to either places and living there mentally will only take you out of creating grand possibilities today.

Take a chance. Take a risk. Be courageous and go back into the past in order to create a better future for yourself tomorrow.

This moment is all you have.

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