Reasons For Retiring In South Florida

Life can get very busy. There are children to raise, bosses to deal with, traffic to contend with, and many other personal responsibilities that eat away at one’s own time. So, when the Golden age comes around, seniors should sit down and think things through. This is when they have the opportunity to enjoy all the fruit of their labor. Below, discover the top reasons for retiring in South Florida, which is the ideal place to enjoy life.

Many Americans and Canadians find the sunshine state to be extremely attractive in so many ways. They flock to retire in South Florida mainly because of the weather. It boasts mild winters, and warm summers. It’s a far cry from the brutal northern winters many have had to endure for most of their lives. It is loaded with beautiful beaches, whose saltwater is not only fun to swim in, but also important to their health.

For one thing, they get their full dose of vitamin D, since it is a sunny destination, for the most part. Getting their vitamin D helps them by absorbing other important vitamins that keep them healthy. Of course, not everyone is familiar with the health risks related to low levels of vitamin D, and how they can initiate numerous chronic diseases.

The state itself is well known for its abundance of retirement communities, which attracts even more seniors. This is the place where they can socialize and come together. Being well maintained communities, they give seniors the opportunity to enjoy life through planned activities, fantastic restaurants, golf courses and more. Furthermore, many are close to the Gulf of Mexico, allowing for more active seniors to enjoy fishing or sailing without having to travel great distances.

Certainly, retirement communities are not for everyone. There are many senior citizens who are independent that prefer single-family homes, and the southern portion of this state has many affordable options. Moreover, many can also retire to smaller towns that boast oak trees and quaint antique shops, as well as orange groves.

A great advantage with South Florida is the property tax exemption. Many are very attracted to these savings, and for good reason. All one needs to do is declare their home as their legal permanent residents.

Once accomplished, these tax exemptions can be as high as $50,000. So, their savings can go a long way for them. Like this, they won’t have to make lifestyle adjustments to ensure their savings will last them as long as necessary.

This helps them tackle their bucket list. They get to enjoy company, numerous activities, and year-round day trips. It’s probably the reason that about 900 people retire to this area each day! New residents can also turn to the Chamber of Commerce to relocate successfully.

One thing is for sure, with so many new retirees arriving each day, a better social life is on the horizon. Plus, it is easier to get out and about and socialize when the weather is favorable. Unfortunately, those in the north tend to be lonely. Statistics prove that seniors who socialize are healthier and live longer, which is something to consider.

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