What Happens On The First Appointment With Guardian Ad Litem

When it comes to adoption or child custody, there needs to be someone who watches over their interest. The professionals who are in this line of work are are the guardian ad litem Middlesex County, otherwise known as GAL. When meeting with the GAL for the first time, here are the tips that you should take into account.

First, it is only natural that you discuss you and your spouse’s relationship with this expert. When speaking about it with a professional, there is no need to include all the small details. What you have to do is just provide a brief history of what your relationship are, the circumstances around it, and even what brought you together.

Since you are already making preparations to speak about your relationship, you also need to prepare to talk about why this relationship came to its end. You must be prepared to explain your side as well as what the other party is thinking right now. Explain why things right now ended with contested custody litigation.

Bad-mouthing your spouse during this appointment should be avoided. Even if you are high on emotions right now, you must not allow yourself to get caught up in the emotional roller coaster. Just think about the facts that surround the entire case. Think about what happened as the facts present to avoid hindering the case’s progress.

Be prepared to answer a few questions that your GAL might ask you. These questions might have something to do about what you can do for a child. You certainly are not a perfect parent so do not just focus on your strengths. You also have to mention your weaknesses so that your GAL can have a better idea on who you are.

Every parent has their own parenting style. Be ready to discuss about it as well. It does not matter if you are a strict disciplinarian of a parent or a laid back one, explain your parenting style well with the GAL. You must be honest to the expert, even if that style is completely different from the spouse’s.

There will always be family members who play a vital role in the life of a child. You better discuss with this professional about who these family members are and what they are supposed to do for the child. Through the details you provide, you can easily give the expert an idea on who influences your children as well as shed light on the family structure.

You better get an idea on what a child’s daily routine is like. This means you have to explain how the child goes on about his or her life, like maybe sports activities after school or dance lessons every weekend. Dinner times, when school finishes, and other details revolving around the child should be explained as well.

You better provide the expert with a helpful list on who they can talk to, especially when they are already giving their investigation a kick start. This list can contain the names of the people who are interacting with your child. These people could be the neighbors, family members, or friends. With this list, it should be easier for the said expert to get some leads on the investigation.

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