Tips For Selecting A Propane Company

There are several reasons to switch to propane as your source of fuel for the home. It typically costs much less than electricity and it is also a cleaner source of fuel to name a few. For those who are shopping around for a new supplier or perhaps want to switch to using propane as your fuel, here are some helpful tips that will ensure you choose a great propane company.

When you purchase propane, you obviously will need someplace to store the propane, and this means you need to rent or purchase a propane tank or perhaps more than one tank. There usually is a fee for tank installation as well, around $100 to $200 dollars depending on the size of the tank. Above-ground tanks range in size and price. A 120-gallon tank will cost about $350 and a large 1,000 gallon tank might cost about $2,000. You also can inquire about a lease to own type of program.

You will want to purchase your tank from a company that provides you with a tank warranty and a tank repurchase guarantee. The tank warranty, which might last as long as ten years, covers only the tank itself and promises that there will be no manufacturing defects in the tank. Regulators and valves generally are not covered in the warranty. A repurchase guarantee ensures that if you move to switch to another type of heating fuel, the company will buy back the tank at the original purchase price.

One important thing to note about propane is that just like other fuel sources the price fluctuates. Typically, propane is more expensive in the colder months because it is in higher demand and shortages can occur. If you pre-buy when propane is at a lower price, you can save a substantial amount of money. Some companies also offer a price cap program and if you pay a set fee, you are guaranteed that your propane costs won’t go over the program prices even if the market goes sky high in the dead of winter. This can be a cost effective option if you cannot afford to pre-buy a large amount of propane.

Of course, none of this means anything if the propane you buy is of poor quality. Not all propane that is sold in the United States is the same. There are basically two categories of propane, HD5 and HD10. HD5 is the highest quality propane that you can buy in the United States, and it is definitely what you want when you are looking for a propane supplier. One way to tell whether or not you are truly getting the best possible propane is to look at the flame on your gas range. If it is a strong blue flame, then the quality of the propane is higher. A flame that is a rainbow of colors indicates that your tank is less than 90% pure propane fuel.

In fact, HD10 propane cannot even be exported because other nations don’t want it in their country. HD5 propane is best and it doesn’t have to cost more than HD10 propane. Companies such as Thrifty Propane offer this high quality HD5 propane at extremely low prices. They even have a price match guarantee so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible deal.

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