How Cartersville GAF Master Elite Roofers Offer Consumers Peace Of Mind

Selecting a reliable roofing contractor in Georgia is crucial for property owners who want the best value for their money. The state does not offer licensing for specialty contractors. This makes it difficult for consumers to find a reputable company. One way for property owners to know they are protecting their investment is to hire only Cartersville GAF Master Elite roofers.

GAF is the largest manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing components in North America. In business since 1886, the company consistently provides quality materials to protect any building. To ensure their products are installed properly, GAF works with more than 4,000 factory-certified roofing contractors in the United States.

To earn this type of certification, roofing professionals must prove several things. They must have the proper amount of insurance to ensure consumers have the protection they need. The contractor must have a good reputation in the community for providing quality service. Certification also requires contractors to undergo ongoing training to ensure installation quality.

GAF provides Master Elite contractors with special training materials to make sure they are using only the most advanced installation techniques. They have access to high-quality components allowing them to offer the best roofing protection system in the industry. Customers know they are hiring a reputable roofing expert when they see this designation.

Only 3% of the roofing specialists nationwide have what it takes to earn this status. Consumers can rest assured they are dealing with the best in the business when hiring these individuals. Factory certification offers better protection for consumers because it covers all components.

Consumers who hire these contractors to install GAF roofing systems are eligible for the Golden Pledge Warranty. This guarantee offers better protection than any other warranty available. All workmanship is covered, including tearing off old materials and disposal. Customers are covered for 50 years on every roofing component, including starter strips, shingles, vents, and felt.

The manufacturing company sends a representative to the property to certify the work done by these individuals. This ensures the warranty remains valid and all components are covered for the stated period. The roofing system must pass a thorough 40-point inspection. If any component fails the inspection, the manufacturer requires the contractor to address the issue before signing off on the job.

Hiring a Master Elite contractor provides property owners with the peace of mind they need when investing in a new roof. Consumers receive assurance all roofing components are covered fully for the duration of the warranty period. Property owners pay a little more up front for installation but can save thousands of dollars if severe weather or some other disaster requires roof repairs or replacement.

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