Interesting Information About Mudjacking Colorado Springs

Concrete paving always has underlying layers of support. These are usually compacted earth or gravel. An issue can arise where the concrete, which cannot change its shape over time, loses its supporting layers underneath. This can result in a dangerous hollow surface or, worse, damage to the paving or even a caved-in area. There are mudjacking companies in Colorado Springs CO who are able to mend this issue through mudjacking Colorado Springs.

The first step in solving it is to determine what the problem is, and where. You can’t see through concrete, so it isn’t always easy to know what the state of the underlying layers is. Then again, some paving is so thick that it does not sound hollow when you walk on it.

Obviously, this is hazardous, because excessive weight can cause the surface to disintegrate under pressure. The weight might not even seem excessive, such as where a parking bay that has been in use for a long time suddenly collapses. It is therefore important to detect this problem as soon as possible.

Where the concrete has already caved in, detection is not the issue. There, it is more about assessing the size of the cavity beneath the surface. You can ask a mudjacking company to make this assessment, and also to try to detect other possible problematic areas.

Once they have completed their inspection, they can start the repair work. This is a simple process. All they do is to pump new material into the empty space under the concrete. This is done at high pressure. The material is a type of grouting, so the process is known as pressure grouting. The grouting fills the empty space and levels the opening in the surface. Where expanding structural foam is used, the process is known as foam leveling.

Slabjacking is another term in the industry, and refers to the way that a sunken concrete slab is raised back into its original position. It is almost the same as mudjacking, in principle, except that the slab or piece of concrete is literally shifted physically back into its initial position or to its initial height.

One issue to keep in mind during mudjacking is that the concrete might start to break up into pieces. The mudjacking company should assess it first in order to determine whether this is a risk factor. Another issue is that there is no guarantee that the concrete, once jacked or repaired, is going to stay that way. If the original cause of the collapse or cavity still exists, there may well be a recurrence of the initial problem.

It goes without saying that disintegrated or caved-in concrete is extremely dangerous and should always be mended as quickly as possible. Some paved surfaces are used by heavy vehicles or for heavy storage on a regular basis. Others serve as walkways for masses of pedestrians every day. Fractured or compromised concrete is even more tricky if you can’t see what is happening underneath it. If you have any of these problems, or you suspect that they may exist, contact a mudjacking firm today to visit your premises and make an inspection.

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