The Beauty Of Reclaimed Antique Exposed Beams

The warmth of natural wood in a home can really make it stand out above the rest. There’s something to be said about natural wood that’s not only in furniture, but as architectural features in the home. Below, learn about the beauty of reclaimed antique exposed beams, and what they can do for any home, as well as how they can be used to provide the wow factor homeowners are always seeking.

Understanding this material is important, because it’s not for everyone. Reclaimed wood comes from old barns, old structures and the like. Instead of putting them in landfills, they are recycled and given new life. Perhaps it is for this reason that they became so popular, but whatever the case, they definitely bring great beauty into and home there installed in.

As the recycling trend keeps expanding, people find themselves turning to recycled barn doors being installed in their homes. These are hung on specific hardware that allows them to glide across a wall to provide privacy from one room to another. Their function is similar to any other type of door, except for the fact that the hardware is designed so that they don’t need any clearance in opening or closing. Therefore, it doesn’t interfere with furniture placement, with regards to clearance.

With the exposed beams that have have been weathered and show their age, they can provide an outstanding feature above head. All too often, the ceiling is ignored or neglected by homeowners, and it is a grave mistake on their part. In a room with high ceilings, such an addition would be second to none, drawing the eye upwards while warming up the room.

However, a home with standard size ceilings doesn’t need to be left out of the equation. In fact, these beams can look just as beautiful as they run perpendicular to the walls, or line the perimeter of the room. Either way, it is a personal choice. Beyond that, it’s important to purchase these items that are certified. In doing so, owners actually know where these pieces were beforehand. Such pieces are certified.

That brings us to the importance of purchasing from reputable dealers. It is these that will provide good quality reclaimed wood that has been properly prepared to be installed inside a home. They will have to be de-nailed, among other things before they make their way in a home. Certainly, they are rustic by nature, so naturally, they’ll look good in any country style home, or a cabin out in the woods. Alternatively, they can look fabulous in a modern setting as well.

The beams could, through tricks used in the interior design world, be made to stand out even further. For example, the right lighting could be used to attract even more attention to them. The choice of size will also have an impact on how visible they are. They range in sizes, even as much as 12×12’s, but these are usually upon request, as would be larger sizes. Of course, there is also wood species to consider.

No matter what the case, in addition like this would only improve the beauty of the home, and therefore render it more valuable if it was placed on the market. Good quality improvements are well sought after by buyers. Therefore, it’s important to choose wisely with regards to sizes, as larger size beams should be reserved for very high ceilings, for the most part.

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