Engagement Party Tips, Tricks & Ideas

Once you’ve popped the question and your significant other has accepted the offer, it’s definitely time to celebrate. While you’ll be planning a wedding ceremony and reception somewhere down the line, take a moment to share the celebration with friends and family by whipping together a quick engagement party. Rather than an uncomfortable dinner where the in-laws meet, a casual party can serve as a fun, festive icebreaker.

Providing an assortment of food and beverages is always a big party of a party, but with an engagement party you definitely don’t have to provide the sumptuous sit-down dinner you might for a wedding reception. It could even be a barbecue or a simple cocktail party with appetizers. A fabulous dessert is always a plus, but this can be easy by simply ordering a unique Chocolate Pizza. These specialty chocolate confections are made by hand at Chocolate Pizza Company, packed in genuine pizza boxes and then shipped directly to your home.

The Chocolate Pizza Company makes pizzas with a dark, milk or white chocolate crust. The dark and milk versions are a mix of melted gourmet chocolate and toffee, while the white chocolate crust is created from melted white chocolate blended with almonds and dried cranberries. For the dark and milk options, there are quite a few topping choices. The Irish Cream Chocolate Pizza and Candy Avalanche Chocolate Pizza are two popular options, as well as the rich Peanut Butter Pizza Pie. You can even create your own custom pizza with your favorite toppings or a special message.

While these specialty chocolates are sure to be a hit, you also will want to have a few special activities at your engagement party. This can be as simple as setting up some small tables and inviting guests to write a word of advice for the wedding couple or perhaps sharing a favorite memory. Games also can be a fun activity and also serve as a great way to break the ice. Often at an engagement party, this is the first time that friends and family of the couple are meeting and some simple fun games can encourage socialization.

For instance you could have the newly engaged couple take part in a game that resembles the old “Newlywed Game” on TV. Ask fun questions that tests the couple’s knowledge about one another, and you also could bring up a few other couples for some friendly competition. Couples’ charades in another option and for an engagement party have teams act out the mannerisms and behavior of famous couples and people can guess who they are portraying. A few couples to consider might be John Lennon and Yoko Ono, John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Ken and Barbie or perhaps Tarzan and Jane.

The fun shouldn’t end when after the engagement party is over, you should still focus on having a good time planning the entire wedding and the reception that follows. One item that will need to be addressed is providing small thank-you favors for each of your guests. For this, Chocolate Pizza Company definitely can come in handy. An individually-packaged mini Chocolate Pizza is a fantastic favor, and there are other also chocolate-covered cookies, truffles and nut clusters to consider as favors. If you want a non-food favor, you could give out anything from a specialty candle or soap to a small plant. You could even give out modern favors such as a reusable water bottle, customized flash drive or a reusable tote that features the couple’s name and wedding date.

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