Positive Outcome Of Hydromulching

Many people are now convinced that hydromulching is a very convenient and cost-efficient approach in planting lawns. The traditional method is quite tiresome and time-consuming. It entails not only the usual preparations. It is necessary to scatter the seeds manually and build an enclosure to keep animals away. You can also use hydrospray grass for better results.

While the normal method takes about eight hours, hydromulching can be finished in less than two hours. What are the benefits? It has been proven that the method ensures a healthy and lasting lawn. Roots are well-established in the ground. This is an important factor when it comes to cultivating new grass. The lawn becomes tougher. It can adjust quickly to different terrain conditions. In other words, hydromulching is flexible. It is suitable for almost all kinds of soil varieties. You can develop a more reliable lawn.

Hydromulching is considered a novel method of seed-planting. You prepare a watery mixture of seeds with mulch that is sprayed over the ground. It can be done from a truck or helicopter if the area is massive. The process is fast and enables rapid seed germination. Hydromulching helps maintain soil fertility for an extended period. Such mixture preserves the appropriate moisture level for seedlings so germination will happen easily.

Mulching makes use of essential components such as fertilizers, bonding agent, green dye, and other stabilizers. However, the most important thing here is the preparation of the mixture. The slurry should be done very well. Otherwise, the seeds may not sprout at all. Hydromulching has several advantages. There are prominent ones that you need to note. It is said to be an effective mode of introducing a new crop variety on the terrain. This technique is ideal for huge tract of lands or those which may not be suitable for traditional procedures.

You will discover the outcome of hydromulching normally after one week although it really depends on the amount of rainfall and watering. Your lawn should be prepared for the initial cut within three weeks to one month. You can walk on the surface while watering. However, take care not to ruin the mulch cover. On the other hand, sod produces a deep and green lawn right away. The disadvantage of the sod technique is the high cost and labor-intensive requirements. In mulching, you do not have to allot any funds for application, weeding, and placing wooden pallets.

The technique along with the use of hydro spray grass has become popular. The method has surpassed both hand seeding and sod because of the easy process and multiple benefits.

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